Microsoft’s China Operations Based On The Consumer To Prosecute Sellers Of Counterfeit Software

12 3 at noon news, Microsoft today announced the establishment of “Consumer Action Day”, more than 70 countries around the world to carry out a variety of synchronization Education , Publicity and enforcement actions against illegal piracy and counterfeiting software, to protect consumers from harm, and enhance people’s awareness of the risks of pirated software.

As Microsoft by helping law enforcement crack down on piracy as part of Microsoft, revealed that China has been under in recent consumer complaints, in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing and Taiyuan and other cities with the goal of law enforcement agencies to fight for more than a dozen software piracy and counterfeiting operations. Microsoft also recently in Shanghai for a pre-installed pirated software and system builders in Qingdao, a supplier for Sell Counterfeit software, according to instituting civil proceedings.

Microsoft Chinese law and corporate affairs, said Wu Haitao, senior manager of Shanghai, the builders sell PCs pre-installed with pirated software, which is a fairly typical piracy. As for the lawsuit

Qingdao, Wu Haitao, said: “They sell counterfeit software to users, allowing users to be deceived. The counterfeit software, we call it a kind of high-end, highly advanced software, the user is really hard to tell false. Users would have a budget to buy legitimate software, the result bought pirated. “

Company official said China, due to legal reasons, can not further disclose the case details.

Microsoft has invested in nine global product identification (PID) analysis laboratories, including one in Beijing. These laboratories using various tools of legal experts, such as digital Disk Manufacture of fingerprint identification and optical tracking to detect pirated software and to provide information to local law enforcement agencies to help track software piracy gangs.

Microsoft Greater China Vice President, General Counsel LIU Feng-ming said that in two years time, with Microsoft PID analysis of laboratory results of the work, Customs officers seized more than 1,000 border patrol CPC cases from pirated software.

Wu Haitao said: “We have a statistics the last two years, worldwide there are 150,000 users to report, because they reflect the use of pirated, counterfeit software damage. These users or consumers, they bought a genuine copy that software and found that they are pirated, or counterfeit software, which caused damage to them. “

9 months, Microsoft has announced in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen market, collected five Windows7 findings of pirated optical discs. Microsoft said that in the five cities to collect samples of the 49 Windows7 piracy, almost all Microsoft’s open to the public Download Trial of the Beta version (Beta) or RC version (release candidate), of which 7 samples Windows7 existence of pirated CD can not open File , Or other issues can not be installed, and another five samples containing pirated software, Trojan.

Microsoft has been trying to education, technology, and to assist law enforcement and other three areas of measures to strengthen anti-piracy efforts.

Previously, Microsoft’s Chinese research institutions and related Cooperation Software piracy and counterfeiting of products harmful to inform users and consumers of pirated and counterfeit software products, jeopardize; and in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and other cities to carry out intellectual property teaching and learning for secondary school teachers and students a series of activities to learning through research innovative ways to popularize IPR knowledge to young people to cultivate awareness of IPR protection. SABUNG AYAM