Migrating Data to QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0 From MAS 90 and Great Plains

How Hard is it to Migrate Data to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Data migration is one of the biggest issues facing prospective customers of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0. While it is a legitimate concern, the great news is that Intuit did an outstanding job of designing the latest version of its popular accounting software in order to make the process of transferring your accounting data from other enterprise grade accounting platforms relatively straight forward.

In fact, over 10,000 businesses have already switched to QuickBooks Enterprise from other more complicated accounting solutions, and yes they migrated their data successfully. While Intuit designed their software to be as intuitive as possible, particularly with regard to data migration, most businesses choose to enlist the help of a third party provider to oversee the transition from one accounting platform to another.

The importance of this task being done correctly weighed against the relatively small cost of hiring a QuickBooks consultant makes the value proposition of this decision an easy one for most. Migrating the data incorrectly would obviously cost many times what a typical consultant would charge to ensure a smooth transition process, not to mention the headaches it would create.

Migrating Data to QuickBooks Enterprise from Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software

Many of those considering migrating to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are currently utilizing Sage MAS 90 or another version of Sage MAS accounting software for their firm’s accounting needs. Fortunately, the transition from MAS 90 to QuickBooks is a relatively simple one, if you know what you are doing. The other option would be to hire someone that knows what they are doing.

As you can imagine, certified Intuit Solution Providers face these type of projects on an almost daily basis. They are capable of overseeing migration to QuickBooks from MAS90 in a more time efficient manner than even an advanced IT manager as this would typically be the first time the IT manager was performing the process whereas the Intuit Solutions Provider has done it many times before.

Migrating Data to QuickBooks Enterprise from Microsoft Great Plains Accounting Software

Similar to MAS 90, the process of migrating to QuickBooks Enterprise from Great Plains can be an easy one if you approach it the right way. Again, the smartest and safest way, which will ensure the migration is done properly, would be to enlist the help of an Intuit certified solutions provider. These folks handle transitions from Great Plains to QuickBooks Enterprise almost as frequently as those of MAS 90 defectors.

QuickBooks Enterprise Data Migration Consultants are Worth It!

The bottom line is that your accounting data is far too important to entrust to anyone less than a certified Intuit solution provider. These folks have been custom trained in all aspects of QuickBooks Enterprise and will “rent” their expertise to your firm for much less than it would cost to learn the same things yourself. In addition to saving your firm money, they will get the job done faster and with a higher degree of confidence, greatly reducing the stress and hardship traditionally associated with landmark system changes.