Ministry Of Agriculture: Domestic Cultivation Of Genetically Modified Food Imports Is Not Only For

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural genetically modified organisms Security Management Office for an interview, introduced China’s current transgenic technology research and application, and denied a recent online on the Ministry of Agriculture approved the import of genetically modified food seeds and planting in the domestic news.
25 countries have ratified planting
The responsible person said that currently 25 countries around the world have ratified the 24 kinds of transgenic crops grown commercially, the area planted from 1996 to 1.7 million hectares grown to 2009, 134 million hectares. In 2008, the world’s total of 55 countries had ratified the 24 kinds of transgenic crops into the market, the market value of 75 billion U.S. dollars. Increasingly fierce international competition. The United States ratified the six varieties of genetically modified rice cultivation.
The responsible person said, China to promote research and application of transgenic technology is to ensure national food security and an important way to the inevitable demand. After years of efforts, China is an important gene discovery, cultivation and new varieties of genetically modified industrial applications have achieved significant results.
Three seeds were safety certificate
This person in charge in 1999 and 2004, the Ministry of Agriculture have received the first of transgenic rice and corn safety assessment applications, respectively, after 11 years and 6 years of rigorous evaluation process, on August 17, 2009 to approve the release of the switch Phytase corn “BV LA 430101”, genetically modified pest-resistant rice, “Hua Hui 1,” and hybrid “Bt Shanyou 63” production and application of security certificates.
But issued a security certificate is not equivalent to allow commercial production. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, genetically modified rice and maize have access to safe certificate, but also a rigorous test and production test areas in order to obtain varieties approval certificate; after which they passed the strict examination before they can obtain genetically modified crops and seed production licenses license.
Imports used only for processing
The responsible person said, the recent line of “Ministry of Agriculture approved the import of genetically modified food seeds and planting a large area in the country” and Xiaoxibushi Ministry of Agriculture has not approved any genetically modified food seeds imported into the territory of China, cultivation, and no GM in China food crop cultivation.
He explained that, as at present, the Ministry of Agriculture has successively approved the genetically modified cotton, soybeans, corn, canola four kinds of crops, the import safety certificate, usage is limited to raw materials. Ministry of Agriculture has not yet ratified any of the genetically modified food crops planted the seeds imported into the territory of China. SABUNG AYAM