Missions of California -An amalgamation of religion and tourism

A single of the major attractions of the State of California is the mission buildings. They are 21 in quantity and are scattered about the coastal line of the city. They were constructed by the Spanish missionary with aim of colonization and conversion.
The MoCs were founded by the Franciscan catholic priests of Spain all over the coastal line and inlands of America. They founded these missions in order to convert the natives into Christianity and to colonize the areas below the Kingdom of Spain. Their primary objectives had been conversion of religion, civilization of the natives and turning of the native lands into Spanish colonies.
They educated the locals, taught them livelihood indicates like rearing of cattle and masonry function. They taught only one group at a time, creating them settled in the nearby lands of the missionary building. When their specific mission was more than, they turned into newer areas in search of newer indigenous settlements.
Their motive was to make the individuals civilized, educated and followers of Christianity and along the method they constructed about 21 religious and military outposts.
Rise and fall
Throughout the 1700 and 1800’s the MoCs genuinely prospered because of its policies. In the approach of preaching, the natives were created to settle on the nearby lands. Their livestock and agricultural lands were all in the Church’s name and hence all the income or profits incurred from them went into the missionary funds. The financial condition of the missions saw a good high.
With the high of wealth the missions came in focus of the individuals of the state. They were jealous of the Church’s wealth and wanted the wealth for themselves. They pressurized the government to bring the Act of Secularism, according to which the workings of the missionaries had been banned. They had been sent back to Spain and the Church lands had been distributed among the locals. The wealth of the Churches was stolen or destroyed by the uncontrolled mob.
State of California
With the passing of the Secularism Act, the Church lands were confiscated by the Government and a lot of earlier settlers of the mission system had been left with no lands of their personal. Their livestock, wealth and home too had been taken more than and the land was transferred beneath the name of California to the United States of America. Several treaties had been signed amongst the two governments and ultimately California was recognized as a state.
Tourist attraction
Missions of California are the oldest architecture of the State. Their ruins and the Church buildings are a main tourist attraction these days. And most of the men and women all over the world come only to visit them. The Government has taken the upkeep of these buildings into a specific consideration and have passed the monument preservation act. Beneath which a big quantity of income is given in order to restore, reduplicate and for preserving them.
The churches had been built in a pattern of chain with 19 being on the coastal lines and two in lands. Men and women can see them by taking the connected pathways and the travel route is called the “Californian trail”.
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