Mixed Coffee: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Joe

Some think that the best way to drink coffee is straight, black! However, is this right or wrong? There are so many different blends and coffee experiences to be had, why miss out on those. The blenders of the world spend plenty of time developing these new mixtures and they should be enjoyed. For instance, there is a marvelous blend that both Sumatran and Papua New Guinea. This is an incredible full bodied coffee. Further to this, Sumatra is also blended with Colombian Patron. This leaves the beans and coffee with a smoky dark roast.

Some of the flavors added to coffee can be quite a delicate experience as well. Consider: almond, vanilla, or cherry which added to a coffee can reduce the acid and add some sweetness. However, nothing seems to compare to the deliciousness of the Tahitian vanilla latte.

Mochas are popular all over the world, but there are some specifics. For instance, the Yemeni coffee needs a touch of dark chocolate melted and added to perfection. Meanwhile, the American roasts are excellent with Ghiradelli milk chocolate instead.

Coffee variations are endless and even more enjoyable. The coffee does not have to remain with beans, roasts, and flavor variations. There are also plenty of liqueurs and liquors that will add to any coffee experience. For instance, Jamaican coffee is excellent with pears, brown sugar, and lots of rum. Then there is also a brandy twist with apricots instead. Amaretto is sure to sweet any blend from Costa Rica.

Cocoa and coffee does not have to be limited either. It can be served hot, cold, or Mexican. These are all excellent treats, depending on the style, for winter or summer.

Frozen cappuccinos seem to increase in popularity every year; perhaps this is the combination of cold and energy on a hot summer day. Add some chocolate and mint to make it even more refreshing.

Then there are thousands of options for the decaf coffee lovers. Some of the choices include Italian Espresso, Marrakesh, and Dutchman. Although who knows why coffee lovers love decaf. Perhaps they do not need to wake up in the morning.

Sometimes nuttiness is a quality of poor quality beans, but this is not always true. Macadamia and coffee, especially with white chocolate is a to die for treat. Or perhaps even raspberry or coconut can be explored. Just a touch of flavor is wanted though, because coffee should taste like coffee. The only complaint now then would be that coffee just cannot be tasted plain anymore, it must be mixed.
Sabung Ayam

Music Credit – ”The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed. A short video to help raise awareness of the exploitation and ongoing genocide in West Papua.

Sabung Ayam