Mizuno JPX E500 Driver Can Help You

Using the data from thousands of golfers, both at their fitting centres around the world and on Tour, Mizuno has created the JPX 800 Hot Metal driver, which it claims will add yards to driving distance, even from miss-hits.


Mizuno engineers, using what the makers describe as ‘ultimate dynamic stability’, have specifically targeted an improvement in ball speeds from shots struck above and below the sweet spot. Their feedback showed that most distance loss occurs when golfers make contact high or low on the clubface, so Mizuno’s design team increased the JPX800’s vertical MOI (resistance to twisting at impact) alongside the standard heel to toe data.

By the way, I also played Mizuno JPX E500 Driver. Itis Mizuno’s latest high tech driver. At 460cc and featuring Mizuno’s UDS technology (Ultimate Dynamic Stability), the E500 performs with the MOI equivalent of a head measuring 500cc. The super large sweet spot and low centr of gravity produce trajectory optimized for maximum distance. The UDS technology enhances stability and maximizes the energy transferred on impact by minimizing the side to side and up and down vibrations.


The JPX800 driver, with its 460cc head, sits with a square clubface at address and relies on a complex internal weighting system to promote a straight, high ball flight.  And by analysing thousands of fittings at its National Fitting Centres, found that the square set-up best neutralised the right-handed amateur’s most destructive shot – the pull, straight left .


Chris Voshall, head of Mizuno research and development, says: “While the JPX800 driver has many of the key elements needed to help amateur golfers – include forgiveness, hot face and slightly longer club length (45.5ins), we didn’t hook the face or do anything else to keep it out of a better player’s hands. 


“Our Tour players commented that the JPX 800 looked very ‘clean’ – and a club they could hit straight, could cut, or could draw. Just like most golfers, they told us their distance loss comes from hitting the ball a little too high or low when using a high tee.  The vertical stability on the JPX800 keeps that distance loss to a minimum.”


The JPX 800 driver will be fitted with Mizuno’s lightweight Exsar DS5 graphite shaft as standard, and be available in a right-hand only model with 9-, 10.5-, 12- and 13.5 degree loft options.

More information in http://www.buygolfsets.com/goods-118-Mizuno+JPX+E500+Driver.html