MMA News Update, August 2009

The creating rivalry in between MMA organizations UFC and Strikeforce just grew some more this week, when MMA heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko announced that he’d be joining Strikeforce for a series of fights. Every of these fights will be promoted by M-1 Worldwide, a major plus for Fedor. In fact, Dana White’s unwillingness to comply with this request is precisely what prevented Fedor from signing with White.

Fedor’s first fight will take place later this fall. The MMA veteran has now fought in 31 total fights, but has by no means identified himself in a cage match. This will be his 1st, but Fedor claims that he’ll be quite nicely prepared.

This of course is disappointing to the UFC fans that wanted to see him fight Brock Lesnar. As well now that Tito Ortiz is back with the UFC rather of signing with Strikeforce who seemed to have him roped in earlier on last month, this means that we will also not get to see The Huntington Beach Undesirable Boy vs. The Last Emperor.

Another interesting story is that of Kimo Leopoldo, an MMA veteran who was pronounced dead last month at 41 years old right after suffering from a heart attack. This was inaccurate reporting, as Leopoldo was in fact revived from his heart attack, even though the story of his revival was small reported.

Leopoldo held a press conference on July 21st to prove to the planet that he was nevertheless alive. The MMA veteran now claims that he’d like to enter the ring one particular last time. Leopoldo has been fighting for years, as numerous bear in mind his early days at the first few UFC championships, most notably UFC 3.

In 1 more story, it is rumored that Georges St. Pierre will be fighting at the 2009 Abu Dhabi Combat Club submission wrestling world championships in Barcelona later this year. This event, also recognized as the ADCC, has hosted a lot of best fighters, which includes Tito Ortiz, Diego Sanchez, Josh Barnett, and several other folks.

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No one has the potential to defeat Narendra Modi: Nitish Kumar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday mentioned that he had tried his best to save the Grand Alliance but was forced to quit right after RJD failed to supply any clarification on corruption allegations on Tejashwi Yadav.
“JDU had asked Tejashwi Yadav to come clean on allegations against him and to supply a public clarification but he and his party refused to do so. Then how could I stay silent as I talked about zero tolerance on corruption,” Nitish Kumar mentioned in a press conference.
“I tried my greatest to save the coalition and tolerated almost everything but was left with no choices. Did we join the Grand Alliance to remain silent more than corruption charges?” he stated.

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