MMA Wealth – How to Make a Small Fortune in Mixed Martial Arts – Without Fighting?

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in popularity. But it’ not just a man’s sport anymore. If you go to an average event you can not only see men but women, teens and even children enjoying the spectacle. It’s shocking how much they enjoy the fights and how much merchandise they’re buying.

But the biggest shock comes from knowing whose raking in the most money. Why don’t you try to take a guess. Do you think it’s the managers who make the most money? No. How about the fighters.? Nice try, but no. Of course it’s the fight promoters, right? Wrong. Here’s a hint. To turn a profit most fight promoters depend on this activity. Have you guessed it yet? O.K, I’ll end the suspense. The fighters, managers or promoters don’t make the most money from MMA.

The people who make the most money are the people who market MMA products. Yes, companies and individuals including promoters make most of their money from merchandising. The fighters merely provide the attraction. The ticket sales barely cover the cost. But it’s the product marketing that rakes in the huge profits.

For example, Mixed Martial Arts clothing, work out equipment, books, T-shirts, training videos, baseball caps you name it. The good news is the list continues to grow as the sport grows and the sport continues to grow by leaps and bounds even during this recession. People just can’t get enough of it this sport. Don’t believe me, check out the sold-out ticket sales, the record shattering viewers who order pay per view matches and the high TV ratings MMA matches enjoy.

This is quickly growing from a mere sport to a cultural movement. As with any movement there’s money waiting on the table for those who get in early.

The good news is many average men and women continue to discover ways to make money from this new but fast growing sport – without fighting. That’s the merchandisers and marketers of Mixed Martial Arts products. Yes, this sport is quietly making small fortunes for alert minded people who had the wisdom to get in early and secure their financial future. Most provide MMA related products to a bulging fan base. The relatively unknown ways these people make money continues to go unnoticed by the general public. Most hope to keep these lucrative profit generating secrets under wraps for as long as they can to rake in juicy profits.

But more people discover the market is so huge and growing so fast they could never cover it themselves. So, more of these savvy marketers continue to let more people in on the MMA marketing and merchandising money train. What makes this so valuable is the low start up cost. All the average person needs to start is a computer and an internet connection. The rest involves knowing what to do and who to contact. Armed with the right information the fan base or Mixed Martial Arts market is easy to find.