Montella officially retired and efficient killer of youth coach as Roma

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Thursday morning, officially started the Summer Training in Rome, they are also 20 teams in Serie A rise off the first team. This afternoon, the red wolf army will be moved under the Alps, Bruce Nichols town, has been training to July 16. However, the first day of regrouping of Rome to spread the news of a sad, Montella veteran announced his retirement.

Serie A: leading striker Vincenzo Montella retired [Sports Photo Center] Classic Action celebrate the goal — “glider”

Thursday morning, the team base in the Adriatic Tregoe had a light training session, team members received a routine medical examination. After the training session, coach Luciano Spalletti published a large list of these players will be moved to Brooklyn Thursday afternoon, Nico town. Just participated in the Confederations Cup and the European Youth Competition De Rossi, Juan, Julio Baptista, Motta, Andre Olivier, and injured Doni, Cicinho, Aquilani will continue to recuperate.

In the big list, and no veteran Vincenzo Montella’s name. Include ANSA, “Corriere dello Sport”, “Gazzetta dello Sport,” “Roman News Network” and many other news media, then were released, called “glider” has decided to formally retire, despite his contract with Rome until 2010 to period.

Montella, 35, his debut in 1990, C team Empoli. The take-off and Sampdoria are Montella local fame in 1996 to 99 years, he stands for “Genoa sailor” to participate in 83 games scored 54 goals in Serie A and in the 96-97 season with 22 goals won the Serie A top scorer, with open arms after scoring his trademark celebration loved by the fans, which also earned him a “glider” in the world.

Summer of 1999, to 25 million euros Montella move to Rome, he helped Red Wolf Army won the Scudetto in 2001. Participating in the first Rome derby, Vincenzo Montella scored twice to, and in the 01-02 season, the Rome derby, Rome Lazio, 5 to 1 hit, Montella is Duzhongsiyuan. With the outstanding performance in the derby, Montella by the Roma fans love. However, due to injuries, Montella competitive state plummeted over the past two years.

Last season, only to substitute Vincenzo Montella took part in the 12 league games (accumulated played 202 minutes), not to score. Although his contract only expires in 2010, but failed the “glider” decided to retire early. It is reported that the effect of ten years in Rome, the exploits of the youth team next season as coach.

Man Vincenzo – Vincenzo Montella (VINCENZO MONTELLA)

Birthday: June 18, 1974 Born in Bomi Juliano – Darko (POMIGLIANO D’ARCO)

Height: 1 meter 72

Weight: 68 kg

Serie A debut: September 8, 1996, Perugia 1 to 0 Sampdoria (on behalf of Sampdoria)

Serie A appearances: 288 times, scoring 141

Italy debut: June 5, 1999, Wales, Italy, 4 to 0

Italy played: 20 times, scoring 3

Professional experience:

Team league appearances last season scoring

Roma Serie A 120 08-09

07-08 Sampdoria Serie A 13 4

Premier League Fulham 10 2 06-07

Roma Serie A 12 3 06-07

Roma Serie A 13 1 05-06

Roma Serie A 37 21 04-05

Roma Serie A 11 5 03-04

Roma Serie A 29 9 02-03

Roma Serie A 19 13 01-02

Roma Serie A 28 13 00-01

Roma Serie A 31 18 99-00

Sampdoria Serie A 22 12 98-99

97-98 Sampdoria Serie A 33 20

96-97 Sampdoria Serie A 28 22

95-96 Genoa Serie B 3421

94-95 C 13017 Empoli Italy

93-94 C 1 0 0 Empoli Italy

92-93 C 1135 Empoli Italy

91-92 C 174 Empoli Italy

90-91 C 1 1 0 Empoli Italy