More Romantic Movies That’ll Make You Laugh

If romance is not a very serious matter in your house, join the club. From what I’m hearing, most women find their men to be more inclined to get snuggly when they are laughing and happy. And it usually follows that when your man is happy, you’ll be happy, too.

My husband falls into the category of “laughter equals love.” If my husband is laughing, and we’re sharing those laughs, our date night will be nice and cozy. If I bring home a movie for date night that involves some miserable storyline, even if it’s got some lovey-dovey stuff going on, my poor hubby will be quite sad and disappointed. And then, so will I. So, here’s a list of four movies which you should only watch with your man if you want date night to turn into a Let’s-Just-Schlump-Off-And-Forget-It night.

1) The Notebook – If you know this movie, you know what I’m saying. If you don’t know the movie, well it’s a wife with alzheimers and a husband who’s devoted to her. REALLY devoted to her. ‘Nuff said? Spoiler alert… they die together in each other’s arms in the end. Boo hoo. A definite buzz kill if ever there was one for a happy evening at home.

2) Closer – Beautiful stripper gets hit by car, falls in love with man, man is quite enamored by stripper, but tires of her. Man meets love of his life, only to be disappointed because she marries someone else, but, that’s okay because they’ll just keep getting it on anyway. Sad behavior and romance are not exactly a winning combination.

3) A Walk To Remember – Sappy sentimental young people falling in love. Tragic consequences and kissy face are just not going to make the man in your life smile. Let’s move on.

4) The Bridges Of Madison County – Okay, ladies, you can NOT even bring this movie up if you are serious about having some romance with your man. Just the thought alone of this movie is enough to make most men want to curl up and cry. Married woman, torn between her husband and lover… I mean, come on, what red blooded male would find that scenario in the least romantic, or funny? No laughs here, at all, and that means no happy man!

Sweet moments in the movies aren’t banned from romantic date night choices, they just have to be tempered a bit with humor. If your man gets a little uncomfortable after a long, sappy scene, he’s going to need to relax with a belly laugh, or even just a chuckle, before the movie is over. There is such a thing as a nice blend of romance and comedy. Let’s see if any of these four Have-A-Laugh-Even-As-You-Feel-Your-Heart-Being-Tugged movies can bring a smile to both your faces.

1) Dan In Real Life – Okay, Steve Carell could make anyone laugh. His demeanor is so much like most regular family guys, that he’s recognizable in many homes. The movie is a cool family romp, but has plenty of real guy laughs. See, there’s this guy who lost his wife (not dwelled on) and hasn’t dated for a while, meets a beautiful woman quite by accident on his way to a family gathering, gets very interested, then meets his brother’s girlfriend at the family gathering, and, guess what… same woman. It gets funny, complicated, slap stick, and all the good things that movies should do to keep our, and more importantly, our man’s interest. Pretty girlfriend doesn’t hurt, either. Face it, ladies.

2) The Holiday – The cast is noteably, Jack Black, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet. Two women switch houses in an exchange over the holidays and learn to live in each other’s world. Both have disasterous relationships to get over, or deal with. The men, well they’ve got their own little “situations” to handle. The characters they befriend are precious, the complex mingling of relationships is very funny, and the movie is just so darn uplifting you’d think it’s a chick flick, but it’s not entirely. There’s plenty of sexy themes and laughs to keep your man interested long enough to, well get interested!

3) Hitch – Will Smith is very relaxed and funny in this “match making” farce. He plays a “date coordinator” who will teach a guy how to make an impression on a woman that will last long enough to at least get them to a second and third date. But, his own advice is falling short when it comes to his life. Funnier than you might think and with enough sentimental co-mingling for you, too.

4) Click – Some parts of this Adam Sandler movie might get a bit dark, but overall it’s got a lot of laughs. Everybody can see themselves in this movie, if you are sitting there watching the movie amid the bills, toys, job stress, dirty dishes, stupid dog, and crazy kids. We’d all like to have a remote control at times in order to “click” away our trials and tribulations. Well, just see what happens when you get your wish. If for no other reason, watch this movie to see Christopher Walken play the purveyor of the remote control device. Wicked funny, but with enough of a message for the ladies.

It’s good to laugh, especially when you’re spending time alone with your man. Pick a night to share a funny, and touching, movie, curl up in front of the television, laugh a little and cuddle a lot!
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