Most influential Websites on the Internet

It is certain that we cannot know exactly how many website are there on the Internet. To some extend, all websites have certain impact on the Internet including both negative and positive way. In this article, I will give out some websites that have changed Internet in order to provide us with the best services.


Google – Change in everything


It could say that Google now appears in every aspect of Internet. Although wherever you are, you are easy to use services of Google


Facebook – change in connection


Facebook is becoming a popular tool for us not only to interact with our friends, business partners, family but follow information about our favorite celebrities as well


YouTube – Changing in entertainment


With Youtube, you are free not only to post your videos but find any videos you want


Amazon – change in shopping


There are various kinds of goods which are available on Amazon


Hotmail – change in mail usage


Hotmail provides webmail that could be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection


Wikipedia – Change in finding information


With Wikipedia, you can both view the content and update content without cost


Twitter – change in communication


Twitter – a good environment for users and businessmen to communicate with their partners


Geocities – change in web accession


Coming to GeoCities, you are to establish your own website without cost


LiveJournal – Change in blogs host


LiveJournal provides its members with free blogs


Project Gutenberg – change in ebook


With Project Gutenberg, you have chance to read many ebooks for free


Pandora – Change in searching new music


With Pandora, you can enjoy songs which were mixed basing on your favorite