Most recent news on storage

In the most recent storage news, here’s what has been maintaining our tech developers busy:

Seagate has launched the new 7200rpm Enterprise NAS HDD:

Lately the prices of SSDs have quite drastically fallen lately but there still exists a main chunk of customers who prefer to use the old classic mechanical challenging disk drives specifically in the enterprise space. This is simply because difficult disk drives are more price effective in the enterprise space for non efficiency critical tasks are performed here.

This newly released Seagate’s 7200rpm Enterprise NAS HDD is anticipated to be offered at 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB and at 6TB capacities. Therefore, it implies that one particular can achieve 96 TB of total capacity using a 16 bay rack mount. The new Enterprise NAS HDD is also comparable to a high efficiency HDD as it rotates at 7200rpm. Furthermore the drivers are fitted with RV sensors to overcome vibrations which can detect and compensate for disturbances that may possibly be triggered due to vibrations. The Enterprise NAS HDD drivers are expected to come with a five year long warranty
Among other news in this storage guide, the OCZ RevoDrive 350 is now lastly offered. If you want super fast storage solutions then is the answer you are looking for.

The OCZ RevoDrive 350 Series PCIe-based SSDs are now accessible as was promised earlier this year. To refresh you the particulars of OCZ RevoDrive 350 Series, here’s the bullet points.

* OCZ RevoDrive 350 is super quick driver as it uses several SandForce controllers in RAID arrays to additional boost overall performance.
* It is obtainable in mixture with the enhanced bandwidth of the PCIe interface which enables the RevoDrive 350 to deliver chronological study and create speeds of up to 1.8GB/s.
* The random 4k reads and writes of the RevoDrive 350 are rated at 135,000 IOPs and 140,000 IOPs respectively.

* The drives are expected to be priced at a beginning range of S$ 799 for the 240GB model even though the 480GB model will price around S$ 1299 and the 960GB model will cost about S$ 1999. All the 240GB, 480GB and 960GB models will be provided with a 3 year warranty.
In other newest storage news, the most talked about topic of the day is whether 1 will be prepared to pay CAD$ 599 for a 256GBUSB Thumb Drive.
Lately, the extremely talked about VIUD, a USB drive which is indestructible in nature, was launched. It has been designed with maintaining in mind the users who are somewhat clumsy or unlucky or if you never thoughts us saying a tiny crazy. This extremely durable thumb drive has been constructed to be capable to withstand all sorts of punishment you can feel off. The model is made of aluminum and right here is all the specification specifics:

* Case Components: Aluminum 7068-T6511, Titanium Grade 5
* Case Coating: Aluminum Difficult Coat Anodizing (Variety III)
* Weight: 68 g (Al), 94 g (Ti)
* Dimensions or size: Size: .9 x .9 x 3″ (23 x 23 x 77 mm)
* USB: 3. (two. compatible)
* Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 °C
* Total Load Rating: 3 tons
* Shock Rating: 1600 G
* Temperature Rating: one hundred °C for 60 minutes, 200 °C for ten minutes, 500 °C for 60 sec, 2000 °C for 30 sec
* Drop Height: 50 m (164 ft)
* Pressure Rating: 3000 psi (20.7 MPa, 2 km water depth)
* Side Load Rating: 2 tons
* Write Speeds: 25-one hundred MB/s (depends on capacity)
* Study Speeds: 45-175 MB/s (depends on capacity)

Hence, a single can conclude with these specifications that the USB sounds really hardcore and durable.
As well Attractive for Steam – The Know Game News

A game named Home Celebration has been removed from Steam following complaints about its sexual content. Just what was it about THIS game in particular that created it also attractive for Steam? Perhaps the lewdness? Sexually predatory behavior? And is that fair or is it censorship?


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