MRN Bot Review

The MRN Bot is a new Forex trading tool created by David Morris, which is an Expert Advisor software that is programmed to trade on its own based on its internal parameters. MRN stands for ‘Machine Readable News’ technology, which is a relatively new and breakthrough method to analyze the FX markets that has proven to have a very high rate of success. David has revealed many of the inherent flaws that most scalping robots today possess and gives advice as to how every trader should be actively looking to avoid these risks.

1. What Is The MRN Bot Trading Algorithms Based On?

He also presents his research which shows the low rate of success of traders who have tried using scalping robots. This new MRN Bot EA works on the fact that markets can be easily moved by fundamental news changes around the world which can dramatically shift the Forex rates of many currency pairs at the same time. This robot is also the first retail version that uses this type of trading technology, scouring the Internet for news items that are crucial and have an impact on the future FX rates.

2. Which Currency Pairs Does MRN Bot With, And Can You Really Make Money Long Term With It?

This robot currently support the trading of all major currency pairs, which is a crucial factor as it needs to be able to capitalize on any news item that would affect the rates of the major currency pairs. It does not work the basis of scalping and certainly does not make use of the typical indicators that most other short term scalper robots are using today.

3. Download the Free Report On Hedge Fund High Frequency Trading by MRN Bot

If you want to know exactly how this new EA works, you will definitely want to watch the high frequency trading video that David is showing on his main website where he also highlights how many large hedge funds today are making use of this method to profit.