MSG Deadly Chicken Fingers

Fast food is a billion dollar industry; they make their living by selling the fastest most affordable food. Ok that is convenient, it’s cheap and that’s why we buy it.

They also have a real grip on children too. About every fifteen minutes there is another commercial being played about some fast food franchise and it’s on all the children’s networks, reminding them that they are hungry, conditioning them to desire the promoted fast food.

When you get there they have a nice little play place for children no taller than 4 feet, but for everyone else they have a red box and free Wi-Fi capabilities. They are not trying to sell their food anymore; they are just trying to make their place a place of convenience.

The food they are shoving down our throats is quite terrible. It is packed with a substance called MSG which is an addictive food additive meant to enrich flavor and preserve the foods from harmful bacteria.

MSG is classified as an excite-toxin. The second half of the word toxin meaning that it deals with the brain and the first half of the word excite meaning it deals with the excitatory nerves.

What happens when we ingest that monosodium glutamate is our excitatory neurons send off a signal to our brains saying that our desires are being met. This is also what happens if you are smoking cigarettes; although they are different chemicals both are addictive.

In the movie “super-size me” when the test subject comes off the McDonalds diet, he begins to have withdrawals. This is because his body doesn’t know how to function without the preservative chemicals that comes in the food.

The chicken fingers and chicken nuggets especially have loads of MSG in them. Let’s look at the ingredients in the chicken fingers: first chicken ok good so far, then we have water, not so bad there.

Third ingredient is autolyzed yeast extract… what the heck is that? That is the fancy name of a cheap version of our friend MSG.

And in these little chicken strips they make ingredient number three after chicken and water. I don’t know if water counts as an ingredient, and I think you can pretty much ignore the chicken, because it is a chicken strip.

These devilish chicken fingers will clutch you by the gullet and strangle all the nutrients out or your body. In ten pieces you’re not just getting a heavy dose of your MSG but you are also getting over 3000mgs of sodium.

If you eat these poisonous little buggers you will also be receiving 1300 calories of which 600 are from fat. As well as 180 grams of cholesterol, and this isn’t the good kind.
Sabung Ayam
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