Multiply HD Lifetime Choice in Upper Anton Chico

Tuning in has become as much a part of the daily routine as making a pot of coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth before bed.  Residents of Upper Anton Chico and surrounding towns turn to satellite TV for entertainment, news coverage, advice, local information, and much more.  While originally designed as a network for women, the Lifetime channel now offers viewers everything from popular original programming to top syndicated shows for all ages.


If you are a fashion fan, ‘Project Runway’ needs a reserved spot on your programming line-up.  Many serious admirers make sure to set up their DVR receivers so as to avoid missing a minute of this style-filled drama.  While the first five seasons were filmed in New York City and aired on Bravo, the fashionable fun has now moved over to Lifetime with designers competing in Los Angeles.  The challenges range from relatively standard fare in the design world, like swimsuits, to more creative contests, such as the grocery store one.


For those who are huge fans of the original season’s cast of characters, ‘On the Road with Austin and Santino’ has familiar faces and features two Project Runway contestants from the first season.  The twist is that this time, these designers travel around the country to fulfill the dreams of women celebrating their birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions for which they need fancy dresses.  From the very first episode centering on a sports event – a rodeo in Texas, the pair have crisscrossed the country and celebrated the unique identities of small town America.


Once you have had your fill of the fashion world, there are plenty of Lifetime series and movies to select from on satellite TV.  One top comedy-drama that has made a big splash is ‘Drop Dead Diva.’  The series is sometimes given the fantasy label as well, given that the plot’s main character is Jane, an intelligent lawyer whose body has been taken over by the spirit of a deceased fashion model named Deb.  Weight and physical appearance are important issues as Deb – now in Jane’s body – learns about how people treat overweight individuals firsthand.


When you are looking for a more serious tone of programming on the same channel, check out one of the hour-long episodes of ‘Army Wives.’  The highly-successful drama revolves around the trials and tribulations faced by women whose husbands are at war, as well as one couple where the roles are reversed.  If you are not around to see this show in its satellite TV prime time spot, simply set up the DVR recorder so that you do not miss of a minute of the drama-packed plot.


In addition to plenty of originals, syndicated favorites such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are also regularly slotted on this top channel.  ‘Wife Swap,’ where two women who are polar opposites change lives for a day, is yet another great show to watch.  Best of all, with an HD DVR receiver and corresponding channel package in Upper Anton Chico, viewers are able to record and then tune in to these programs whenever they are looking for entertainment.