Mumia Abdul Jamal Is A Horrible Individual

When I got up this morning, the television was already on in the kitchen. I was currently churned up before I could even have a cup of tea. They had been discussing an issue on the Today Show about a murderer Mumia Abdul Jamal, who shot and killed on the street of Philadelphia the young 25 year old policeman 25 years ago.

That BS has been giving a lot of opportunities for the rich and renowned like the Hollywood men and women to celebrate for a lengthy time. These bunch of idiots consider that Mumia deserves to undergo a new trial. Mumia even gained himself worldwide followers that have been objecting and protesting in New York, outdoors the studio of NBC this morning.

They say Mumia was framed, and the police department in Philadelphia was racist. Every single year they have a new piece of proof to prove their point. This year it’s new photos. Final year they had an individual who heard Officer Faulkner’s final words.

In early 80’s I have lived in Philadelphia and I tell you, it wasn’t a nice place and police had issues.

But the victim Danny Faulkner was green, he hadn’t been about lengthy sufficient to be one of the most feared grizzled blue thugs. Yeah actually, individuals used to fear the cops before as a lot as the criminals.

But for Mumia Abdul Jamal, all the evidence proves he actually was the killer who had slain Officer Danny Faulkner in cold blood. Case closed.

But 26 long years later the case drags on. Long soon after Mumia Abdul Jamal need to have gone up in smoke. The cops aren’t always right, and in some cases, they are just as bad as the mooks. But not right here. Say a prayer that Danny Faulkner can rest in peace. He is the forgotten man here. He is the only one particular who died on the sidewalk in 1982, dying in the line of duty. He was 25, and he was walking a beat in a really hard neighborhood, trying to serve and defend.

Let’s bear in mind the real story.