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Cacao or Theobroma cacao or simply known as cocoa is an evergreen plant, and the pods of this plant contain lots of seeds. These seeds contain around 40-50% of cocoa

butter. This is used to make many food items and cosmetics. This means cocoa butter is edible. Cocoa butter in its pure form is a yellowish colored, pure edible

vegetable fat, which is obtained by cocoa bean. Cocoa butter works as an excellent moisturizer. Let us look, at how cocoa butter on face is beneficial.

Benefits Cocoa Butter on Face

Cocoa butter in its purest form is in solid cubes of pale colored fat, one can buy it in its purest form in health stores, or use the cocoa butter based products.

There are many good ones available. You can use Palmer’s cocoa butter on face, or Vaseline cocoa butter on face or try the Body Shop cocoa butter. As cocoa butter for

face has many benefits, its regular use can have a sea change on your dry and coarse skin.

First of all, it is highly moisturizing, and makes great after bath skin care for dry skin tiffany bracelets. If you have dry skin, then after you take shower, use this cocoa butter

lotion or cream all over the body even on the face. It melts at body temperature, and get absorbed by the skin. It allows the moisture to pass through the skin, and

doesn’t block it. It has a nice light aroma, like chocolate which makes using it even great. Also, read about cocoa butter for scars.

However, people who have acne skin condition, need to avoid cocoa butter on face. As it can clog the pores, and cause even further breakouts. If you have acne, then

use a light oil like jojoba oil with tea tree oil, in a 10:2 proportion. Once you have gotten rid of the acne, you can use cocoa butter for natural skin care.

Cocoa butter can also help to treat many skin conditions. It can keep your skin well hydrated and alleviate skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis. There are strong

antioxidants in cocoa butter which gives it a longer shelf life. Also, the same antioxidants help to prevent aging. So, cocoa butter benefits as an effective anti-

aging skin care to. The free radical damage is prevented by the antioxidants, and thus the effect of pigmentation and wrinkles is prevented. If you wish to use cocoa

butter, then in the morning after taking shower, apply it all over the body, taking care to apply it properly on face, neck and lips. Then before you go to bed, clean

your skin and then again apply cocoa butter.

To get the complete benefits of cocoa butter, buy pure cocoa butter and use it for skin care. However, if you have a particular skin type, for which pure cocoa butter

is not suitable, then there are many other combination of cocoa butter available. For example, you can find cocoa butter with sunscreen in it. This you can use to

protect the skin from sun damage, and at the same time you can use this cream to moisturize your skin and keep it well hydrated.

This was all about cocoa butter on face. Make sure you take proper care when using cocoa butter to moisturize the skin, and avoid using it on acne prone skin areas, as

this will only aggravate the condition. Another popular and similar moisturizing product is shea butter. Shea butter greatly helps to get rid of dryness from the skin

by moisturizing. It contains fatty acids, which help to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Similar to cocoa butter, shea butter can be seen used in many cosmetics.
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