My Holiday Villas in Arts Village of Bali

Ubud as one of the major arts and culture centers, it has evolved a large tourism industry. The village situated about an hour drive from International airport, located amidst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency.

This cultural village is so beautiful and it’s hard to distinguish the village is without sounding smug, but it actually is that nice. Known and acknowledged internationally for its visual arts and performance, as well as extraordinary arts and crafts, making it among of the most significant cultural and artistic centers in Indonesia.

The village is favored in part nowadays because it is the best spot in Bali to break out of the holidaymaker mode and get off the beaten course, although far from undiscovered. Hotels are abundant; home stays and Indonesian guesthouses are easily available to the foreign holidaymaker. Many holidaymaker simply base their entire stay in the city and travel to other destinations from this village of arts.

Many tourists travel to this village thinking to stay for only a day or two but end up extending their trip, seduced by the cool climate, natural beauty and fascinating attractions. This village which what makes it famous is located 600m above sea level, making it significantly colder than much of Bali. A lot of people

The main castle is located in the center of Ubud, opposite the town market and village theater where nightly traditional dance performances are held. Many tourist make this village as a distinguished spot to use as a stand to explore the surrounding towns and villages. Neighboring villages offer exquisite art such as weaving, wood-carving, shadow puppets and village crafts.

A private Bali Ubud villa can be anything from an intimate 1-bedroom riverside retreat, to an exclusive, custom-built, 8-bedroom, ‘destination villa’ with a 5-star standard of service and every imaginable comfort, designed to assure that guests do not feel the need to go out for top quality dining and entertainment. All of this could be yours by staying in one of Bali villas settled in Ubud.
Sabung Ayam

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Sabung Ayam