Natural Acne Treatment More Powerful Than Genetics?

If you have acne you have probably heard that your skin problems are the result of bad genetics. Therefore you have no choice but to accept acne as a way of life. But could it be possible that genetics is overrated in causing acne? Fortunately, it turns out that there is way to greatly reduce acne caused by genetics.

Before starting this article I want to assure you that genetics is not the biggest factor in causing acne. Now this may go against everything you have been told and you may even be a little resistant to this idea, but please keep an open mind when reading this because it may just work wonders for your skin.

Of course there are small percentage of the population who are truly unlucky and genetics is indeed the most important factor for their acne. But chances are great that you are not be one of them. You probably belong to the 90% of the population that can solve your acne problems with this natural acne treatment that has been ignored for the past few decades.

Before I go on to tell what this natural acne treatment is directly, let me start by citing a few studies to support my bold claim.

In a study from the Archives of Dermatology, 1200 Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea and 115 Ache hunter-gatherers of Paraguay had no active cases of acne over a two-year period. This included 315 teenagers and young adults aged 15-25 years old.

The common thing these groups of people shared is the lack of dietary influence of the Western diet. They mainly ate low-fat and low-glycemic foods. The researchers stated:

“High glycemic loads (in Western diets) may exacerbate acne by inducing both acute and chronic insulin excess, which in turn triggers a “hormonal cascade” including elevation of serum free insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) — a potent mitogen that may stimulate follicle growth.”

However, the acne-free Kitavan and Ache have high insulin sensitivity, made evident by low serum concentrations of insulin. And keep in mind that these groups of people do not use benzoyl peroxide washes or swallow harmful prescription drugs to maintain their clear skin!

Another study showed that the Inuit Eskimo population was completely acne free when following traditional healthy eating habits, but developed acne comparable to Western societies when adding foods from the Western diet.

Others non-Western populations have observed a similar rise in acne such as the Peruvian Indians, the Bantu of South Africa and even the Japanese. Are you starting to see the pattern?

Today, almost everyone blames their acne problems on genetics alone. But as you can see throughout five different ethnic groups of the world that diet is the most important influence on acne!

Your skin peeling by overly washing with salicylic acid twice a day? Suffering through all the horrible side-effects of drugs just to keep acne under control? Foreign populations throughout the world did not need these acne products for clear skin. Why should you?

The answer is simple. Throw away all your modern and obsolete acne products and start working on the natural acne treatment that has worked wonders for people throughout the world. Add more anti-acne nutrients to your diet and eat healthy!
Sabung Ayam
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