Naturally Lower High Cholesterol Levels – Medication Not Required

If you have high cholesterol and and are at all health-conscious, then you will want to know the most effective ways to naturally lower high cholesterol levels. The good news is, it is not nearly as difficult to lower your cholesterol levels as many health care professionals make it sound. However, it does require some lifestyle changes.

I don’t understand why, but many doctors who are supposed to have your best interests in mind, put little emphasis on healthy ways of lowering cholesterol. It may be because of their time constraints, the fact that the manufacturers of cholesterol medication have very effective marketing, or simply the mindset that medication works.

Whatever the reason, you will need to do your own research to learn about the best ways to naturally lower high cholesterol. You will find that there is a wealth of information on the Internet, much of it from reliable sources. However, there is also much mis-information out there. Use this article as your starting point to learn about healthy and reliable ways to improve your cholesterol numbers.

It’s really not complicated. The most effective and safe way to improve your cardiovascular health is to make some simple changes in your diet. For instance, begin to eat more chicken, turkey and fish and less beef. Eliminate empty carbs such as white rice, potatoes and sources of refined sugar. Cholesterol lowering foods such as brown rice is a great substitute for white rice or potatoes and contains many more nutrients.

You will also want to increase dietary fiber intake. Add vegetables to your diet whenever possible. For instance, when you have a sandwich, add high nutrition, cholesterol lowering foods such as spinach, green peppers and onions instead of just lettuce. In reality, lettuce has very little nutrition and will do virtually nothing to help with your cholesterol.

Other great sources of soluble fiber include oatmeal, bran and flax. Making these a regular part of your diet will quickly bring your cholesterol levels down to where they should be.

You will find much more information on my website about the best ways to naturally lower high cholesterol levels. Most individuals do not need medication to improve their heart health. As a matter of fact, given the dangerous side effects of many of the medications for lowering cholesterol, it should be a last resort.