Need a Gift? Try a Handcrafted Pen


If you are looking for a gift for that hard to find person, look no further than a handcrafted pen.  Handcrafted pens made by local wood workers are usually of the highest quality as they genuinely care about quality.  In addition, purchases help keep these talented craftsmen in business with additional outlets for their wares. 


Handcrafted pens come in many different varieties and types.  They start with the standard slim pen, reminiscent of the generic plastic type ball point pens, and get progressively wider up to what is known as the El Grande style of pens.  In between, there are various other widths of pens from the sleek European styles, the Classic style and Retro style, which mimic pens of the mid 20th century. Cigar pens which come in various sizes of their own, and other styles listed other designations.  For example, there are the Sierra’s, Wall Street’s, Sedona’s, Gentlemen, Atlas and others.


Regardless of your preference, handcrafted pens are made using choicest hardwoods from around the world and the USA.  Burls are very popular and take on a finish that is distinctly their own.  Some are very rare and most are rather costly, and the wood turner takes extra care to ensure the customer receives the highest quality possible.  Acrylics and Poly resins also are quite popular and come in many styles and colors.  Another popular woodstock that wood turners will use is what is known as laminatedhardwood blanks which are thinly pressed layers of colored hardwoods that yield fantastic designs when turned.


Very special hardwoods are also used and look beautiful when turned.  Olivewood is one example and comes from the US as well as the Holy Land (when purchasing anything from the Holy Land a Certificate of Authenticity is usually provided as stocks are limited to pruning and trimmings).  Most hardwoods, including common woods from right around the wood turners wood shop produce excellent grain and coloration for the finished pen.


Most pen crafters use a variety of all types of woods and acrylics and have been genuinely pleased by offering higher quality pens at very reasonable prices.


New to wood turners are laser engraved inlay blanks that the handcrafter has to piece together as a puzzle then turn down to the proper size of the pen desired.  The more intricate designs are the most costly.  These come in all different designs from simple to the most intricate type, which takes considerable time to piece together prior to turning.


Present one of these beauties as a gift with a hardwood pen box, and the receiver of your gift won’t know what to say.  Pens and pen boxes can also be personalized through laser engraving through most wood workers or at your local trophy provider.


All in all, handcrafted pens, not the ones seen in many novelty stores, make exquisite and one-of-a-kind special gifts. Handcrafted pens can be tailor made for any occasion or to mark a milestone in someone’s life.  Help keep woodworkers turning out quality goods by purchasing directly from them.  Check out their websites and you will get a glimpse into what is available in fine handcrafted pens.


©Paul Witmer 2010