Need To Find A Gift For The Special Person In Your Life?

Well if you do, then you should consider jewelry. Jewelry is one of the most fondest and easiest things to buy for people. I don’t care what anyone says! I could easily pick out a piece for anyone of my family members or my friends just by knowing a few simply things.

For example, if a person likes things that are beachy or if they like a traditional look. You can also go by what they like to wear as far as other jewelry pieces go. Are they more timid with what they wear? Or do they like big bright colors? You can also buy some awesome beaded jewelry or handcrafted jewelry

by knowing what colors a person likes. For me, I love blues and greens. I guess it’s the Pisces in me. Other people like blacks and white or reds, yellows and oranges. Whatever the style may be – you can find exactly what you want right online.

Not only is this going to be the quickest and easiest present you ever bought but it’s also going to be the most treasured. Let’s take a look at a few of the products you might want to consider if you are buying jewelry for a person – a man or a woman!

Crystal Glacier Anklet Jewelry Extender – These are a great inexpensive way to add an extra extension to your beaded jewelry. Sometimes the unavailable size in the middle is just perfect with our jewelry extenders.

These elegant jewelry extenders, available in over 50 styles are created with a variety of beads, such as; Swarovski Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls, cubic zirconium, and glass beads. These things really can help you out when you are in need a few more centimeters or inches with the piece of jewelry in question.

Bronzite Gemstone Silver Men’s Beaded Necklace – Handcrafted 19 inch beaded men’s necklace created with 5x6mm matte faceted triangle bronzite gemstones, imported Bali .925 silver beads and tubes, and sterling silver. This gemstone necklace is created upon receipt of order.

Pastel Shell Pearl Silver Beaded Watch – Handcrafted 8 inch beaded watch created with pastel mother of pearl shell beads, cream Swarovski crystal-based pearls, Turkish .950 silver, Bali .925 silver, sterling silver, and a silver Quartz Geneva watch face. These are very cutesy, but they vary by variety so if you want a cool watch take a look at the styles and see which ones you like!

Ruby Red Heart Charm Bracelet – Handcrafted beaded bracelet length created with assorted silver-plated hearts, ruby red assorted glass beads, ruby and light siam red Swarovski Austrian crystals, silver-plated chain and charms.

Black Satin Pearl Daisy Art Domino Necklace – A 19 – 20″ adjustable necklace created with black Charlotte seed beads, satin padparadscha, shadow crystal, opal, cosmo jet, and crystal Swarovski Austrian crystals, white freshwater pearls, Bali .925 silver, and sterling silver.

The Signed 2×1″ Fleuri ‘Floral’ Art Domino pendant is created with fabric of a white daisy flower photographs taken by Stephanie A White. The domino is black metallic, white and copper accents, gold-plated wire, and sterling silver.
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Traditional Bali Before Mass Tourism – Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Travel back in time and explore the exotic Island of Bali, stroll into a local market, enter a temple and pass lush rice terraces.Watch local artisans create timeless works of art.

Enjoy your journey into the magical “Island of Love.”

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