Net Assessment: 100 Yuan Counterfeit Currency Case The Bottom Line And The State Bank Of Conscience,

Counterfeit life experience is not news. From the “counterfeit” in the convention, on the universality of the phenomenon known counterfeit currency. Although the common phenomenon of counterfeit currency, most are “stragglers” of the man operation and reach small, causing little social panic. Once the counterfeit currency to become a hot topic of public opinion, most people talk about money at the mere mention, the phenomenon of counterfeit currency upgraded to social events, as required by the state come forward to combat terrorism as counterfeit, calm is not to their living space. However, when the HD90, etc. Heading to 100 yuan a time when the focus of public attention, not eyes that the people, the only choice is to Network Posted tips for identifying counterfeit money to Return Weapon. See the watermark, listen to sounds, check wires, touch bump, look at the color … … experts say should not have let the people go every fake red in front, banks have only church against shirk its responsibility to identify suspected counterfeit currency.

To public places, we were prompted to beware of thieves; train hard seat, middle of the night kind of marshals will be one by one car to remind passengers not to sleep at night, watch out halfway stolen; away from home, Pianjing also reminds us to do security preparedness to prevent thieves take advantage of. These alerts, with the police in carrying out its security responsibilities shoulder, as it is the work of transferring to his citizens, by their own responsibility. These tangible answer for them, accustomed to would be used by one of our ideology, our own things should look after themselves. The problem is that some of the property whether we re-alert, not got the personal ability to care. Not up to our true and false notes, such is not our defense got a lot of things also. For example, the net fee paid, wake up and find a network of thieves stole, Dial Telecom’s customer service record number of people, we support the move to only one, this is not to tell others passwords. You have not told anyone that, customer service will further advise you to change your password frequently. Finally, they repeatedly emphasized: I understand your feelings, no way, you have to your attention … …

Sense of security is a personal sense of direct experience, a personal trust in the community. Contemporary social, financial security is the security barrier to any country’s largest financial dam there rubbish, will endanger the national and public security. Currency Production and distribution of all the countries arranged the reason is simply to ensure that the financial dam impregnable. This approach reflects the national ethical behavior is, for one purpose, to maintain national stability, to increase people’s sense of security. The counterfeit incident were to become a national event, if the relevant authorities do not bear the brunt of terrorist activities, as against the same to combat production, trafficking, circulation of fake bills, but that they blindly hope that acquired a pair of eyes that individual citizens, ready to see through the real money false, it is obviously an absurd contemporary myth.

“Journey to the West” in the Monkey’s eyes that there are failures, when there can not be detected Detector when true and false bank notes, let alone those of us mortals in the eye too! Can not tell counterfeit money, the banks have seized power, public security organs did not perform the duties effectively combat counterfeit currency in circulation, who ultimately foot the bill? Counter counterfeit currency in China’s current system, can not say there is no loophole. The face of vulnerability, functional response? “This news I also just watching, live phone interview with central bankers, they would not be bragging answer over there.” “Counterfeit money by the State is responsible. Is inadequate and caused the national authorities to combat counterfeit . Ordinary people paid tax, the state should protect their interests. officials do not just high salaries regardless. “” A lot of bank staff to facilitate the use of their work for counterfeit money, the same all over the country, as in the melamine milk have the same become industry ‘open secret’, and not say what does not know, and everyone who does not remove the counterfeit money from the bank’s experience? this, you look up the banking system is absolutely right. “” Construction on Anning District, Lanzhou such a staff! losses I have eaten. “” counterfeit bank is the largest group, as far as I know, the new counterfeit bank this off is difficult without a large-scale inflow of society, ordinary people, mainly from the new banknotes banks, other times experiencing new banknotes are very careful, counterfeit difficult to gain acceptance. “

Past few days, the scale of the incident hundred counterfeit call, but the state has not made it clear that there is no relief to the victims of the loss of way, also did not see the arrest to the counterfeit currency printing and distribution channels. This is not a dereliction of duty and leaving at least torture the conscience of the country. “Conscience”, the “man of science but are not capable, his intuitive ability also; do not consider those with knowledge, their conscience also.” Meng old man, if this definition is a mirror, then the departments concerned about the control, see themselves reflected in the number of counterfeiting incidents on the national conscience!

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