Never Give Up!

Maybe you are experiencing a very tough time. These days that isn’t unusual. We have uncertain financial times at every level of government, banks and financial institutions have collapsed or merged, major military conflicts in several parts of the world, and we all see people we know who are unemployed or financially traumatized. And then we layer our personal challenges on top of these. The result is these are times can appear to be so tough that every fiber of your being may be wanting to give in and just wail out loud. What to do? Giving up isn’t an option!

If you have faith in a higher power, you will find it easier to be strong and not give in to the despair that the daily news strives to foment or give up and just sit around in a depressed stupor. I use my faith as a shield to fight off the negative thoughts, toxic environments, and mental vampires who knowingly or unknowingly suck the life out of your dreams. With abiding faith, your greatness asserts itself and you tell the world you will never ever give in to failure.

My Approach

Be moral – the end does not justify the means.  If you operate under a moral and ethical code through the tough times you will be in a better position not only to defend against negative influences but also to succeed without baggage that weighs down your conscious.

Have a method or approach – have a way to operate and systematically move toward your goals and objectives.

Have the means – prepare yourself for change by gathering the appropriate resources to resist down times or begin a new journey.

Be a good manager – just because your dreams have come true doesn’t mean you don’t have to manage the blessing.  If you don’t manage the blessing the chances are it will evaporate, leaving you wondering just what in the world just happened.

Let everyone else give up but not you.  Recall those famous works spoken by Gene Kranz during theApollo 13 mission, “Failure is not an option.”

By the way – I know this approach works because I haven’t always used it and the opposite didn’t work well at all.

It is easy to get depressed and worried in the following situations. Let’s say you were fired, passed over for promotion, fell behind in a race, got a bad news call, work in a negative environment, lost your business, or going through a divorce. These are all tough times, but none of them should have the ability to completely floor you. Instead, look for opportunities to learn from these experiences, re-visit your faith and then tell yourself that  you will be back because you will not give up!  You intend to be strong and courageous and work it out to your best advantage.

The Book of Job tells me that if I never give up I will get double for my trouble.  Job 42:1-17 shows the road map.  Job humbles himself before God (admits what he doesn’t know and did wrong), prays for his negative friends, FGod blesses him with double, the second part of his life was more bountiful than the first.  We all should take a strong look at Job and remember whatever bad is happening now is only the beginning.  Its up to us to not give up and make it something good.