Never Lost Self-confidence

Body: Large groups of lawyers in the United States, there is a very good reputation but looks ugly women lawyers, her name is Cole. In court, her face twisted surprise people often cause even fear. However, the ugly women lawyers, but the vast knowledge and sharp-tongued eloquence, and the momentum of the aggressive shock four, win the court for many parties. Many people understand, such an ugly man looks to be a well-known lawyer how to do? 35-year-old Cole, childhood, she not only looks pretty, pleasant, and smart, small is the apple of their parents.
Secondary school the day after the Cole on the chin, there are several very, very small round white spot. At first he did not pay attention. A week later, white has not subsided, but even become a film. Next, the performance of Cole’s body constantly strange symptoms: the original blond hair, turned into white, and kept a lot off; right eye downward; nose twisted to the right; right side of the mouth upward reveal, a beautiful face completely out of shape. Parental were anxiety, and take the Cole into hospital to be checked. Concluded that: Cole was suffering from a rare facial lateralization atrophy. Such cases will increase with the increasing age of patients increased: the patient’s facial features will gradually shrink until it disappears, or even the whole face shrinking into a hole.
However, although this disease is horrible, it will not endanger the lives of patients. Cole strong heart and rekindled the flame of hope for a group. She thought that since their own and others enjoy the same right to life, it must be through the efforts and struggle to prove their value and significance of the existence of life. From then on, Cole is more strenuous efforts to learn, almost all the subjects taking the first year. One day 17 years old, Cole is on the school math class, she felt right eye suddenly became dark eyes. Cole heart sank, knowing the right eye from the blind, which is the inevitable result of this disease becoming more aggravated. Later, Cole passed the honors college.
One day, in the social psychology class, the teacher asked students to discuss their ideals. When Cole’s turn, a boy shouted: “plastic surgery, her ideal is only cosmetic.” Voice hardly ever, a burst of laughter rang the classroom. Cole turned his head and face with the boys taken seriously, said: “You are mistaken, my ideal is not cosmetic. Plastic surgery can change my face disability and defects. Actually, my ideal is to be a lawyer.” 4 years later, Cole graduated from the University of schedule, and through the unremitting efforts of obtaining a professional lawyer qualification exam. Now, women lawyers often appear in court on the Cole, her face still provoke a special irony and even a few people despise. Her condition continued to deteriorate with still, the doctor concluded that her right cheek is about to shrink away. Cole said: “One day my face may disappear, but as long as my life is still, I will continue to prove that face the United States is not important, it is important in your life confident and strong.”
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