New Aspect of China Cabinet Industry in 2010

Expert of the industry estimate that with the continuous improvement of China’s economic, the domestic high-end cabinets market is facing the explosive growth. In recent days, along with the continuous opening of the four furniture exhibitions in South China, the consumer demand for cabinet products begin to take shape. The domestic high-end consumer demand will release. The insiders think that what new changes will come out in domestic cabinet market this year, depends on the high-end A-urban consumer group. Under the influence of last year’s financial crisis, many white-collar and high-income people in large cities are hesitating to spend. But with the current well economic trend, the A-city consumption, which has repressed by the pessimistic economic situation, will be fully released this year, especially for middle and high-end cabinet. It can be estimated that the middle and high-end domestic market will meet an explosive growth. Challenges accompanied with opportunities from foreign countries. For overseas cabinet market trend in 2010, many export managers said, as the global economy entering into recovery, most markets are to show a growth more or less, including Europe, United States, ASEAN, Middle East and Eastern Europe. However under the well overall situation, the cabinet markets of the United States, Europe and other developed regions will face great challenges. Mr. Ding zhijun, the overseas marketing manager of a panel-furniture enterprise in Longjiang, said that the U.S. and European trade and technical barriers are raising and the threshold is also getting up, it’s difficult to expand or even maintain for these two markets. He also mentioned, some trade policies from developed countries have kept out the domestic cabinet products step by step like Wood and Wood Products Regulation of European Union, and the latest revised Lacey Act of the United States. Services are the new gold mine for cabinet enterprises. The price war is do thrilling to cabinet businesses and consumers, but with today’s cabinet products increasingly “homogenize”, the cabinet enterprise seems more interested in digging the big gold mine of business services. Inner value would be the new sight in cupboard stores. Many principals of household stores said, in 2010 home store will stress on the guide of consumer concept in order to provide more value services for consumers. The home store of 2010 will introduce more stylish and distinctive non-A-line brands. However the standards of these non-A are not low, they not only stand up with the A-line brands on quality and environmental standards, but also show more prominent style in the design and material. Above provided by, and find more / SABUNG AYAM