New ATRA Solo 401k Plan In-Plan Roth Conversion Rules

First allowed in 2010 as part of the Small Business Jobs ACT (SBJA), the in-plan Roth conversion rules were recently updated as a result of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA). The concept allows employees who participate in retirement accounts such as 401k plans such as a Solo 401k (a type of 401k but for the self-employed with no full-time employees besides the business owner and his or her spouse), 403(b) and governmental 457(b) plans, to convert funds from pretax funds to a Roth account without the need to participant in a Roth IRA. Note that TSP, a type of government plan, also allows for the Roth option.

Under the SBJA, participants could only make an in-plan Roth conversion if they were eligible to process a distribution from their retirement plan. As a result, not too many participants qualified for the in-plan Roth conversion. Well, the new law (ATRA) updated the rules under the SBJA by permitting participants to process in-plan conversions regardless if they are allowed to process a distribution from the Solo 401k plan, for example. The expectation is that as a result of ATRA a greater number of participants will move forward with the in-plan conversion and those existing ones to move forward with converting the rest of the previously inaccessible funds.

Who Will Process In-Plan Conversion Now?

The number of participants who will benefit from the new rule will depend on one big factor. You see, not all 401k plan providers, including Solo 401k providers, are required under the law to allow for the Roth component and therefore for in-plan conversions. Therefore, the 401k provider ultimately holds the key in the in-plan conversion process. So even though ATRA seems like a game changer, it didn’t change the fact that the 401k provider has the discretion to offer the Roth option and doesn’t always elect to do so.

If allowed, should I proceed with the In-Plan Roth conversion?

In ascertaining whether or not to covert a 401k such as a solo 401k to a Roth Solo 401k, the following 3 important questions should be answered:

Question 1: When will I need the money? If you need the money soon, it may not make sense to process a Roth Solo 401k conversion.

Question 2: Where will I get the necessary funds to pay the tax on the in-plan conversion? It’s not a good idea to use Solo 401k funds as it would be considered a taxable distribution, so plan on having outside funds to cover the taxes on the conversion.

Question 3: What do I think the tax rates will be in the future? If you anticipate being in a lower tax bracket in future years, a Roth conversion may not make sense. Conversely, it may make sense to process a Roth conversion now if you think tax rates will be higher in future years.

An In-Plan Conversion May Not be Recharacterized

The biggest con of an in-plan Roth conversion is that once it is processed you cannot change your mind and reconvert back to pretax funds. Since you cannot not undue the in-plan Roth conversion, plan ahead to make sure you have the necessary money to cover the tax on the amount converted as it will be added to your taxable income for the year. In sum, the decision to process an in-pan Roth conversion is irrevocable and so are the taxes due on the conversion.
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