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Remember the days of telephone calls and pre-planned dates and letterman jackets? When the “Dear Abby” column made sense and men asked a father’s permission to initiate courtship? Nope, neither do Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand, the girls behind what could be the world’s first crowd-sourced relationship advice blog, WTF Is Up With My Love Life?! “We don’t think the ‘conventional’ dating literature/self-help literature out there in bookstores and the blogosphere is actually speaking effectively to women now, because for the most part it assumes we’re living in a ‘dating’ world that no longer exists,” says Wiegand, referring to how the digital sphere – among other things – has completely turned the romantic realm on its proverbial head. When folks are breaking up with each other on Facebook, and a text message equates a love letter, it seems that we actually are quite primed for a romantic reboot.

Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand realized the fact and they were about to do something about it, by means of a movie, a book and a website.

How WTF?! Came To Be

It was a rather typical night in the summer of 2009 for Massa and Wiegand, two 27-year-old Brooklynites who had been friends since age 12. Massa, who had worked for years in the music industry, had just quit her job and was glued to her laptop, surfing celebrity blogs in her PJs whilst also tele-networking with a bunch of banking people in Brazil, discussing job opportunities and getting her visa application materials in order. She was planning on moving to the exotic locale, sleeping on couches and working as a bartender for cash, and was, understandably, a bit on the frazzled side. Wiegand had just come home from a work cocktail party (she was working for New Line Cinema at the time) and, in a similarly frantic/foul mood, she threw herself on the couch and started lamenting her romantic situation and the lack of men in her stable. “We’ve all had that moment,” Massa says, “but as Becky’s best friend, I know her day to day, so I was like, ‘OK, I get it, but actually I know that you were IMing with that publishing guy this week, and your ex-boyfriend was hanging around the apartment last week, and you made out with that random guy at that party we went to last week. You’re not dating anyone, but I objectively know that you’re talking to guys. I think you’re looking at it the wrong way.'”

Their girl talk had come to a conclusion, that there are ten types of men around women. They are the ex partners, those who boosts our ego, sex partners, boyfriend potentials, so on and so forth. The executives of New Line Cinema totally guy the idea and is going to make it as a refinement of its He’s Just Not That Into You.

Collecting Ideas Through Blogging

The film contract was confirmed in the very first week of 2009 but the two girls didn’t want to hang around. They wanted to put forward their ideas as soon as possible. Therefore, a company called J&R Creative Media was founded and a blog was launched while they were preparing a book related to the film. They could not travel around to get their message across so the digital world served them best. Listening to other women also helped further develop their idea.

Online Romance

As Massa and Wiegant put, it is an after-dating era we are in. The tips from our grandmothers, accordingly to them, cannot help us figure out the messages behind those text messages we have got. And flirtation is penetrating online media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, causing much more confusion.

Not just women, but men also have little idea on the dos and don’ts in the new dating world. The website Massa and Wiegand set up is a great place for exchange of ideas. They prefer such kind of interaction because they don’t trust those old-fashion dating guidebooks and experts.

The result is a compelling site where both men and women can explore their various and sundry romantic woes. And, bonus, it is great source material for their upcoming book and film. They plan to use user-submitted stories to give their creations weight and depth. “Dating is ambiguous,” says Massa. “That’s the idea of the website. Through recognizing this and talking about it, we’re hoping that it will be a step forward for all of us who are just stuck in the He’s Just Not That Into You, The Rules, The Handbook rut.” Amen to that. Intrigued by Massa and Wiegand’s concepts and want a taste of what’s to come? Check out this list of apps they put together for us. (P.S. A non-date is that dude/chick you’re about to hang with, but who has not specified his/her intentions.)
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Chick Corea & Béla Fleck: “Two” Album Trailer, 2015 ( Official )

Chick Corea and Béla Fleck’s live, double album was released Sept 11, 2015.

Order on Amazon, iTunes or go here for more info:

Full article and hear more music:

See Chick and Béla live, in concert (fall 2015 and Spring 2016):

How did the best-of-the-best takes from 57 shows, spanning years, make it onto your new album?

BF: Well, I know that Chick originally felt that we should look for one night, a great night, with the whole night all the way through. I felt like there were nights when different songs were just magic. And it wasn’t always the same night.

I hated the idea of leaving some incredible version of the song off the record because it wasn’t on the night we had chosen. So it was tough. There were lots of good nights and lots of good versions of the songs.

Eventually I actually listened to every single show, and comparing them, I got real tweaky like I get with it. I listened to everything and started comparing them. I tried to imagine where the magic happened, basically.

And there’s always magic. Every single show had magic. But there was super magic on certain songs.

Lightning would strike and things would happen that we could never have planned. But there were magical things seemed to happen.

And I was looking for the nights where – I don’t know – there was something in the air. We were hearing each other really great, we were feeling each other’s timing, we were following each other really well and the conversation was really lively.

Since the recordings come from a lot of different tours, probably over a four year period, something like that. So those improvisations even as different as they are night to night on a tour when you get to a year later, it’s a whole different kind of improvisation. You get into some different stuff. The more you do thing the better you get at it and the more free and the more relaxed and the more you inhabit it. I like where we could take this album after really opening this opening this up and not having to constraining it and having it be short and one CD.

CC: It seemed like a real natural process that we eventually wanted to get into this whole thing with improvising. When you play your banjo solos, that’s the zone. When we do that together, we accept each other’s phrasing. I’m throwing harmonies at you but you always make something out of it.

BF: That’s right.

CC: Yeah absolutely. So there’s a lot of rhythm in our music that I like.

BF: Yeah that’s the thing that makes it works so well is I think we have that in common that excitement about it.

COMING Sept 2015! Chick Corea Masterclass Ft. Béla Fleck. Get on Chick’s masterclass notification list

Chick’s podcast, ft. Béla on tour:

Watch the full interview video on YouTube:

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