New Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating Xiom Came

In New York Long Island Xiom company?? Production of epoxy resin powder coatings and other products based?? Announced as portable polymer powder coating spray system manufacturer, recently another 4 new paint products come out, and all of the environmentally friendly paint products can be used to protect concrete and other construction, and can reduce building energy consumption, for the protection of expensive building materials to find a suitable replacement. WEST news from Babylon, Xiom coating produced by using environmentally friendly formulation, without VOC, other latest paint 690 free TGIC. U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Office, has issued legal restrictions related to the use of TGIC, TGCIC is 1,3,5-Triglycidyl Isocyanurate shorthand, such a polyester resin to curing agent cured products, although the chemical structure of the human body there will be a potential health threat, but now the world has not prohibit the use of chemicals. Staff in order to avoid spraying the skin and the respiratory system by the threat of TGIC, Xiom has developed a series of paint products without TGIC. Xiom in this new appearance of the paint, XT630, XT742 is a protective coating applied to the structure of products of wood, can effectively extend the service life of wooden structures.

XT630 is a low temperature of hot melt curable coatings, because it adds thermal material, so the coating can melt under the conditions of lower temperature curing, suitable for outdoor wood structure protection. XT742 is an epoxy – polyester interior wood coatings, this coating also uses low-temperature hot-melt technology, in addition to use in other than indoor wood protection, but also does not heat as carbon fiber composite materials, and other plastic materials, surface paint use. PDF X300 is Xiom developed the first portable spray systems for PVDF coating, this product has good resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and is ideal structural acid corrosion protection coating. xiom company also introduced a complete set of hybrid polymer coating products can be used for spray systems. The coating is essentially a hard plastic, more than the traditional powder coating durability and weather resistance, and there is no over-spray problems, does not contain volatile organic compounds. The company’s coatings product line includes a variety of colors for various purposes. In addition, the product of weather resistance and corrosion resistance, can significantly extend the life of objects. Products specifically for the protection of the ship’s coatings can reduce ship maintenance costs, lower fuel consumption. In addition, the product line also includes removing graffiti paint, glow in the dark paint.

Market participants said, xiom is the first fully portable polymer powder coating spray system developer and manufacturer, has cause for confidence in the ability. xiom has also decided to carry out large-scale marketing activities in Latin America. The company decided to move the system into the Latin American market, and the appointment of Malone. Ai amount of pull for the local director of marketing. Mr. Ma Long graduated from the University of Massachusetts, has many years of marketing experience. He said the addition to local advertisements in major publications, but also to build a distribution network. Ai amount of pull, said: “I am very optimistic about the Latin American market, powder coating products and equipment each year in this market can create more than one billion U.S. dollars of profits. Almost all of the production project can provide the protective coating from our in income. I convinced that the company’s powder coating system xiom and coating products will eventually become the industry leader in technology, because it has some of the advantages listed, such as high-performance, low cost, easy to use, and environmental protection. “using the traditional powder coating coating objects often need to In the high temperature curing, which resulted in use of the product cost is very high, and easy to handle. The xiomn’s new system can be completed at room temperature curing work. Malone said, xiom products for Latin American painting, ship, marine, petrochemical, construction and other different industries to provide good service. SABUNG AYAM