New Forest England Travel Travel to the New Forest

The New Forest is one of England’s most fascinating and scenic areas. It is complete of beauty and superb scenery.

What is the New Forest?

The New Forest is 1 of England’s oldest medieval forests, and a British National Park. It encompasses an area of 150 square miles, such as ancient woodlands, heathlands and valleys. There is a wide selection of scenery and landscapes which change from season to season.

You can discover quaint little villages such as Lyndhurst, Brokenhurst, or Ringwood.

There are a massive quantity of attractions and sites to discover in this park. You can see several different varieties of wildlife, from horses to otters and owls. It is also a planet-renowned location for bird watching. There are zoos, museums (lots of museums!), gardens, castles, parks, even vineyards. There is really something for every taste and style in the lovely New Forest National Park.

Brief History

It is now recognized that settlers in the New Forest region can be traced back to the Bronze Age. The location was the web site of heavy farming, which involved cutting by means of the woodland. This is also the major purpose why you can see heavy woodlands on a single side of the road and then it ends abruptly and turns into a heathland totally devoid of trees on the other side!

It is believed that William the Conqueror truly designed the New Forest in the 10th century as a protected area for Royal Hunting.

After heavy shipbuilding in the region all through the 17th century put serious stress on the overall health of the woodlands, the New Forest Act was passed in 1877 to preserve and protect the region. Ultimately, in 2005, the New Forest was elevated to the status of a National Park, which has also elevated the number of vacationers who visit this amazing location every single year.

Positioned amongst Southampton and Christchurch in the south, west of London it is simple to uncover the New Forest. Nonetheless, because it has the status of National Park, there are no airports or rail stations that will take you directly to the most picturesque places of the park. If you wish to come by train, almost certainly the very best place is Brokenhurst. You can attain this town quite very easily from London, Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth. By vehicle, it is Junction 1 off M-27. The closest nearby airports would most likely by in Southampton and Bournemouth.

When you are right here, get pleasure from! Whether your pleasure is horseback riding, cycling, walking or hiking there is something for you here! I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time in this area and appear forward to returning. It is equally as beautiful in the summer time with all of it really is greenery as it is in the winter beneath a blanket of freshly fallen snow. Enjoy!