New Hot Gift For Your Friends Motorola Me600

Large quantities of Mobiado Phones from China. Mobiado Mobile Phone is quite amazing, while not everyone can get such a luxury phone for its high price. Here is your chance. We offer top class Replica Mobiado Phones. All Mobiado Mobile Phones we provide here are of high quality and they are duralble, luxury and noble in almost everyway. The foundation for Motorola was laid when Illinois residents Paul V. Galvin and Edward Stewart founded a storage battery company in 1921. Although the U.S. government shut the new business down in 1923 for failure to pay excise taxes, operations continued when Stewart opened a new storage battery firm, named Stewart Storage Battery Co., in 1926. Now the Motorola Company has shown off a new design called
, which is the first android phone. So it is a new hot news in the mobile phone market during 2010.
Motorola China rolls out the new Motorola ME600 in China. The Motorola ME600 is an Android smart phone which include the MOTOBLUR platform, just like DEXT / CLIQ and MOTOROI. The Motorola ME600 is a QWERTY keyboard, a 3.1-inch 320480 LCD touchscreen and a BACKTRACK touchpad on the backside, it also has a GPS function, WAPI / WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack, a microSD card slot. For the networks, this Motorola supports Quad-band GSM and Tri-band WCDMA/HSDPA networks. Whats more, the main features of Motorola ME600 are as follows.
One, the selling point of Moto me600 is that the keyboard can be rotated 220 . When the cell phone is flipped up, it’s a computer. It’s a mobile as flipped down.
Two, Mass memory, 90M of the cell phone, support memory card which can be expanded to 8GB, and its memory is quite larger than
which is 2GB.
Three,3.2 inches reinforced glass touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, built-in Gravity sensor.
Four, Motorola ME600 is a Multimedia phone, 3G High Definition Television, Network Radio, Mp3, Mp4 etc.
Five, dual card cell phone. one cell phone with two phone numbers.
Six,ME600 support JAVA Smart Ext, can install thousands of games, software etc.
For the time being, it is still unknown when exactly the mobile phone lands in other markets. Motorola unveile last month and said it would be launched soon, and there have been already a great deal of rumors regarding its appearance on AT&T’s lineup, but nothing is solid at the moment. Hopefully, more users will be able to try out that QWERTY keyboard that flips in reverse in the near future. Motorola ME600 isnt the same as
which is a slide phone, the phone is a kind of handwriting phone All in all, mobile phone users in China have the possibility to try out a pretty appealing device, that’s for sure. Whats more, the phone is sure interesting.


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