New Law On GPS Tracking Devices Could Affect You

Around mid 2010 GPS tracking devices made the front page around the globe courtesy of a landmark political governing in the States.

Appeals courts in the states of California and Manhattan ruled the police and other law enforcement agencies could use GPS tracking devices to track the movements of suspects without a warrant.

On one hand this is good news as the police now have far more weaponry in their ar moury against drug-dealers, sexual deviants and violent law breakers, but on the other it has some practical concerns for regular, law-abiding citizens.

If you live in a certain state in the United States it suggests that you may very well be tracked by the police without even knowing it! They can place a GPS tracking device on your auto, for instance, without a warrant. Then they’ll know where you have been at every point.

We hope that they only target true criminals, but mistakes have been observed to occur and how would you feel knowing the police tracked your movements for weeks or maybe months as a part of an ongoing criminal inquiry only to discount you later?

The concern here is that the governing is possibly hazardous to people’s’s privacy, but there are ways that you can protect yourself

What goes up must come down, and in an analogous way, devices that receive a signal so asto track someone may also be blocked.

GPS blockers are straightforward devices that give out a signal that blocks GPS signals coming down from the satellites. If you think that you’re being tracked, or certain to be, then you can activate one of these units and become invisible.

GPS blockers range from massive, high-powered units that may cover an entire office or house, to small conveyable units that have enough strength to cover an automobile for instance. Charge them, turn them on and you’re covered.

These devices are freely available ; however you want to double-check the law in your country before purchasing as they are in a legal gray area. Fortunately it’s the case that in most countries it’s legal to have them, but not employ them so buying them won’t be a problem.

They’re generally available from around twenty greenbacks for the littlest, portable blockers, up to maybe 150 greenbacks for powerful blockers that will cover a building. Theyare also often good for blocking GPS signals, mobile telephone signals or even both!

The ruling by these American courts is still open to a lot of debate and other states have disagreed and banned warrantless tracking by the police, so it’s definitely an argument which will not go away. If this has become somewhat sufficient in the United States, one can expect warrantless tracking to spread to other Western states and even the wor

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