New Mirror Invention Revolutionizes Safe Driving

Canton, Ohio – Maxi View, the world’s best blind spot mirror offers a solution to a problem we all face; the dangerous blind spot.

Maxi View Mirrors, as featured on QVC, experienced rave reviews and over 1 million dollars in mirror sales! Maxi View Mirrors dramatically increase driving safety to fleets, passenger cars, SUV’s, trucks, and motorcycles.

More than 400,000 vehicle accidents occur each year due to vehicle blind spot related mishaps. Lane change accidents damage more than 800,000 vehicles and injure or kill more than 160,000 people each and every year! Maxi View Mirrors can help you beat these statistics and experience safer, blind spot free driving today!

Maxi View, the world’s first full focus, fully adjustable blind spot mirror that was created and designed specifically for the fleet industry is now available to keep you and your family safe!

Maxi View helps to eliminate issues associated with backing up, lane changes, parallel parking, and blind spots. Maxi View Founder and Inventor, Harry Snagg has spent over 40 years researching a solution to the dreaded and sometimes deadly blind spot. It took Harry more than 10 years to acquire all of the patents necessary to bring this Blind Spot and Lane Change Mirror invention to market and offer safety to fleets, families and individuals.

Maxi View Mirrors are ideal and essential for every company’s fleet of cars, trucks, vans or utility vehicles. Adding Maxi View Mirrors to your fleet can help reduce accidents, insurance rates, vehicle down time and employee absence rates. Also, Maxi View Mirrors will keep your most cherished asset safe; your family.

“I love these mirrors; they are absolutely incredible! They have saved my wife and me from numerous accidents; in fact, my wife won’t drive a car without the Maxi View Mirrors.” says a Maxi View Mirror customer.

Maxi View is great for towing! Unlike the old fashioned “fish eye” bubble type stick on mirrors, Maxi View Mirrors will give you a larger, optically advanced view with a picture over three times larger than any other stick on! Maxi View provides full focus capability, a 360 degree fully adjustable ball and swivel, and a unique night vision feature that is 100% glare proof! Maxi View has 3 patents and is made in the USA. The product comes with a one year warranty.

Motorcycle riders know that it’s the other guy they need to look out for. Maxi View Mirrors provide added safety and better visibility while allowing riders to experience the freedom of the open road. Maxi View Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirrors attach quickly and easily and will never block your vision!

Maxi View Mirrors also provide workplace and computer privacy! You’ll no longer have to worry about someone sneaking up to view your screen and slowing down your work flow. The Maxi View Mirror is ideal for offices, restaurants, schools, libraries, internet cafes and seminars.

Maxi View Mirrors are the World’s Best Blind Spot Mirror and essential for safer driving. For more information or to purchase Maxi View Mirrors, please visit: I need my link above to go here correct?…I don’t want people to go to his site direct cause I wont get credit for the sale!

About Maxi View Mirrors

Maxi View Mirrors were created from Harry Snegg’s passion and obsession to develop the Worlds-Best Blind Spot and Lane Change Mirror. Harry wrecked 10 Corvettes in blind spot accidents. He made it his mission to discover a mirror that would solve this problem for everyone. Maxi View has been featured on QVC and sold over 1 million dollars in mirrors. Don’t let yourself end up a statistic; order your Maxi View Mirrors today!

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