New Oil Spill Clean Up Methods Work Better

When an oil spill would occur in the past, there was little anyone could do. Sometimes they let the oil alone and let is disperse naturally with a combination of wind, sun, wave action and currents. If there was a threat to land from an oil spill, booms were used to contain the oil. Now there are new oil spill clean up methods that make oil cleanup an easier task. One methods includes the use of HESCO® Concertainer® units which can be extremely effective when agents like Enviro Bond 403™ are added. The units can be put up within a short period of time and can be filled with materials like sand, earth, crushed rock or Enviro Bond 403™. Flood sandbags are an old, but still effective, way of stopping oil from seeping onto beaches, but the HESCO units are even more effective because they can be put in much quicker and require less people to do the job. This is a cost effective way of helping during oil spill cleanup and they can be applied for so many other uses.

The units are good for storm protection as well as oil spills. Hurricanes happen often in the Gulf of Mexico and the beaches need storm protection as well as a guard against oil spills. The HESCO units can be placed under the sand and if there is heavy wave action during a major storm, the units will stabilize the beach and prevent erosion that normally would cause damage. During normal times, no one will know the units are there because you can still have recreational activities on the beach while the units quietly do their job. But once a storm hits, they get to work and provide a much-needed stable core that will hold the beach in place and not allow sand to be eroded.

While some oil spill clean up methods do not involve storm protection, the HESCO unit does and this is what makes it more valuable. The U.S. military even uses it to protect soldiers during combat. The protective each barrier they form is second to none and will be the first line of defense when an oil spill or major storm heads toward your beach.
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