New Opportunities In Dictation Transcription

No, you do not need to learn about medical or legal terminologies in order to make a living out of transcription work.  There are other kinds of transcription work that are easy enough for anyone to get into.  There are great opportunities in doing dictation transcription as well as other general transcription jobs.  Unlike medical or legal transcription, you do not need to take an additional course to learn another trade.  You also do not have to shell out a significant amount of money to begin working as a general transcriptionist.  The resources that you need in order to grab these new opportunities are within your reach.

Start out by assessing your typing skills.  There are tools on the internet to test your skills at typing.  You do not need to be a really fast typist.  Although, the faster you type, the faster you finish your jobs, and the faster you get your money.  There are some employers who might require you to print out the results of your typing test.  In most cases, employers simply require you to go through a test transcription by giving you a five to ten minute audio file to work on.  Once you land transcription jobs, the repeat business is almost guaranteed.  Businesses usually choose to outsource their transcription needs to service providers who have established a level of credibility.  Your challenge as a start up will be to break through the industry and build your credibility fast.

There are tried and tested formulas for success in dictation transcription.  Others before you who have succeeded in the business of transcription can give you tips and how-tos to help you out.  One of the first things you should learn, given that you already have the basic skills required, is where to find transcription jobs.  You want to make sure that the jobs that you are taking on are from legitimate companies – otherwise, you might end up not getting paid for your work.  Sticking to the top free classifieds sites and freelance sites for transcriptionists will lead you to the right employers.  Work-at-home transcription forums and support sites are also available to give you the assistance you need in most everything from setting up your transcription business to procuring transcription equipment, down to what you can do to expand your transcription business further.