New Pandigital Novel e-Reader on sale now

The Pandigital Novel originally debuted beforehand on the year and was bedeviled from the get go with firmware problems and eventually the units got recalled. This was not the ideal bearings new companies wish to alpha with to get the accessible abaft their e-readers. Word is that now that 9 inch adaptation of the Android book is on auction for 213.00 via QVC.

Hopefully Pandigital has abstruse from their mistakes with their latest offering, and humans accept been allurement us, what does the chase up action to a agnostic public?

First of all, it appearance a 9 inch askew full-color arresting touchscreen display. It has 2 GB of centralized anamnesis to abundance about one thousand ebooks and even comes with a 4GB microSD anamnesis card. It has congenital in WI-FI that will acquiesce you to do business with the Barnes and Noble eBook Store.

Now lets allocution a bit about content. If you are accepting this accessory to apprehend ebooks primarily, it will abutment the ePUB and PDF formats. ePub is the architecture of best from Barnes and Noble, and you can buy ebooks from added food that abutment that format, such as Kobo, and use Adobe Digital Editions to archetype it to your device. If you download Non-DRM eBooks from the internet, you can archetype them to your accessory with little problems.

The new Pandigital 9 Inch Novel will abutment audio, pictures and video formats as well. For Audio it supports MP3, AAC and Wav, so you can accept to music on the go, or audio books. If you are down to archetype your account library to the accessory it supports JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Sadly for video it alone does MPG4. The accessory aswell has a headphone jack, so you can accept to whats playing, after authoritative anyone about you irate.

Although the exact adaptation of Google Android getting acclimated on this accessory is unknown, we can apprehend from the pictures that we accept apparent that it is active Android 1.5, which is the aforementioned adaptation as the 7 inch adaptation of the Novel.

With this latest abundance from Pandigital it would accept fabricated faculty to accord it addition name again the Novel, which is the exact aforementioned name as their antecedent offering. When we appear the accessory allowance the FCC beforehand in the month, we accepted a new name. The name we were accustomed was the Pandigital AW-NU7, which acceptable does not accept markting departments cerebration of amusing bolt phrases. Having alone the admeasurement differences, to differentiate the two accessories will acceptable abash customers, but this fits Pandigitals MO actual well.