New Record of Edwin Van Der Sar


This Premier League witnessed new record of Edwin Van der Sar, with 14 matches or 1302 minutes clean cheets. He also contribited to the MU continuous nine matches victoryin this season.


This season is a best career for Edwin van der Sar in the Premier League . This clearly can not be denied, is about 14 matches or 1302 minutes clean sheets and he also contributed to the Manchester United victory in nine matches continuously in this premier league season. Action heroic also be a plus point, in addition to the pattern of the game quickly, which is always the characteristic of Manchester United. Edwin van der Sar in the joke began to feel bored no challenge in this premier league season. He Said “This is it frustrating start, I may leave the goal will occur in one or two match .this record is indeed great, but it will only be important if we have a premier league champion at the end of the season” said Van Der Sar in the premier league. Now MU goalkeeper aged 38 years has exceeded the world record owned by Abel Resino. Manager who is now serving Atletico Madrid is a success recorded number 1275 minutes of penetration in 1991 back. Proving this is Edvin Van Der Sar is the best goalkeeper in England premier League . Previous Van Der Sar has been recorded with the new record is not penetrated during the 1212 minutes.


He record-breaking success legendaries goalkeeper Bobby Clark to the 1155 minutes Clean Sheet . Bobby Clark Recorded at the time defending Aberdeen in season 1970/1971. The Next Target for Van Der Sar is a record 1390 minutes of penetration recorded Dany Verlinden. For this one at least Dutch national team goalkeeper that only need 1 more England premier match. Van Der Sar directly supported by the Rio Ferdinand.Center Back affirm this, together with himself Vidic already ensure their area will not be easy to attacked by Manchester United’s opponents .


Did you know? Did you know if Sir Alex Ferguson use 11 goalkeeper after Peter Schmeichel left out in 1999 and before the coming of Edwin van der Sar from Fulham in 2005? Some of the players with a high expectation to cover the legends, but the resultedj is failed . Massimo Taibi and Mark Bosnich is the best example of that failure. All of goalkeeper only Farbian Barthez stable enough to appear on 50 matches in premier league with Manchester United.