New Trends In Environmental Lead Leather

PVC artificial leather, is the man

Leather The first generation of products. It is a textile or knitted material substrate, polyvinyl chloride resin coating imitation leather goods. It features similar to natural leather, the appearance of colorful, soft, wearable, folding, acid and so on.

From the beginning of seventies of last century, after 20 years of development, now has grown to considerable size, but because of its breathability and moisture The disadvantages, in recent years has been the development of certain restrictions, with the PU

Synthetic Leather Development, especially the third generation of artificial leather – the advent of micro fiber leather, artificial leather, which takes a more high-end development to a new level, PVC artificial leather for its disadvantages in performance and technological backwardness,

Market Position is gradually being replaced. On the other hand, in recent years, mankind aware of the harm after damage to the environment, more emphasis on environmental protection. PVC because of the very harmful to human health and the environment, but also attracted international environmental organizations and concerned attention to the PVC.

Number of ecologists and Greenpeace International that the chlorine industry, particularly the PVC industry, is the main source of dioxins in the environment. Because the PVC production process will generate and release highly toxic dioxins, PVC products will pollute the environment of toxic additives, but there will be certain to enter human carcinogenic effects. PVC waste disposal problems are more difficult, whether the burning or burial, will produce and release of land and water pollution caused by dioxins and chlorine compounds, while PVC recycling but very difficult. Greenpeace provided the material that animal tests, can become more flexible PVC phthalate chemical additives on the human body, kidney, liver, testis implications, may lead to cancer, kidney damage, destruction of the human body function and recycling system, influence development. In recent years, experiments show that in some countries, children may be inhaled from PVC toys, toxic chemicals. Therefore, in recent years, some European countries and cities Greenpeace, ecological organizations, the Green Party or the “green” politicians keep pressure on the Government to enable some governments to limit the use of PVC products

Policy Such as: the Netherlands has been prohibited to do with the PVC packaging; Belgium PVC bottles of mineral water had collected “eco-tax.”

The past two years, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and PVC artificial leather for development has brought a great impact, in comparison with PVC, TPU because of its superior performance and environmental protection is more welcomed by people. Currently, any place using PVC, TPU can become a substitute. However, the advantages owned by TPU, PVC is a hard act. TPU not only has excellent high-tension, high tension, toughness, and anti-aging properties, breathable breathable waterproof, oil. It is kind of mature green material. TPU has been widely used in: Shoes, clothing, inflatable toys, water and underwater of sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, car the seat material, umbrellas, luggage, purses, etc. .

Recently, the State “to promote industrial restructuring, Interim Provisions” and “adjustment of industrial structure, guide directory,” the official release of provisions and directory defined period of time after the current industrial structure adjustment and the objectives, principles, direction and focus. Catalogue of the division of the adjustment in energy consumption and environmental protection has become an important standard by industry. The “Catalogue” is divided into, encouraged, restricted and out of class. PVC artificial leather production line is restricted ordinary class. Restricted mainly refers to the backward technology, access conditions do not meet the industry is not conducive to industrial optimization and upgrading of products, for restricted items, will be closed to new investment. For the current production capacity, allowing companies to take measures within a certain period of upgrading.

Visible, PVC artificial leather product development time has come to a decline in the environmental and health concerns of mankind today’s theme, PVC artificial leather harm to the environment so that it will gradually be phased out, probably in the near future, PVC artificial leather products on will become history, and our market leaving only healthy, environmentally friendly products. The development of synthetic leather industry to be environmentally friendly and only towards the direction to continue the sustained and healthy development. SABUNG AYAM