New Twitter Guide Released to Help People and Companies Find the Right People to Twitter With

A brand spanking new Twitter guide was recently released, but this one was with a difference. Its a completely humorous look into the world of Twitter but with a serious goal, its goal is to help you get into one of the most popular sites on the web, then benefit from using it on a daily basis.

Millions and millions of people are using Twitter. From people in their 90s to children below five, their was even a recent news story about a couple that used a sensor hooked up to a pregnant mums baby bump, which would then send out a live tweet to family members every time the unborn child moved. Companies like Com-cast, Dell and Jet Blue all use Twitter, and even more celebrities are joining the hoard of Twitter users on a daily basis, even Mr. MC Hammer has a Twitter account! “You can’t tweet this”.

But so many people are using Twitter without realizing just how powerful it is, its so much more than just a message service, using it just this way is like sending smoke signals when you have a cell phone. So a Twitter guide for business and personal use was needed, the author believes that by teaching businesses and people how to use it right, they can maximize the potential it can bring. Its also true that a single Twitter marketer made over $ 4000 from just one message.

Its time to expand your businesses potential by taking it in a new direction, follow in the steps of Dell and Jet-Blue by creating yourself a Twitter page, and getting out into twitter world while maximizing your possibilities of find new customers. And now there is finally a guide to teach you how.

Before this guide you may have had less followers than an elephant with gas, but now with this release you get to follow easy steps to skyrocket your companies profile, and all in a extremely light hearted way. If you do not laugh while you learn, then whats the point? Its time for a Twitter revolution, its time you made a stand.