new Windows 7 HTC phone handset leak

HTC never had success when it comes to keeping things at home, and the trend continued with the leak of the new Windows 7 phone device.
Engadget nabbed a scoop to a phone that is designed for AT T in the U.S., showing the handset tablet with sliding keyboard below.
Except it is not the keyboard hidden beneath the big screen it slides speaker, along with the starter for the fun of multimedia.
Mobile T8788 model numbers have been issued yet, but Id be surprised at the final name in the middle Legend Desire and HD2 .
Waiting for Windows
We do not have specifications or information on the new handset in mystery but given it looks pretty smooth now, chances are good you can see it started in October, when the first Windows phone 7 headphones are to be unveiled.
HTC also has to announce a standard tablet-style Windows 7 phone device at the same time, and such LG and Samsung will also be on the first day there, with new handsets.
But it seems T8788 shows that there will be a lot more media based on Windows 7 phone handsets than previously seen for Microsoft, pointing to the joint venture Redmond push the consumer market.

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