New York Newspaper Made the Right Decision

Recently, “The New York Times,” Sulzberger boss publicly confirmed the print issue of the future will stop the rumors, just rumors of a deadline of 2015 had yet to utter; the news media caused a strong reaction, it was exclaimed This is the end of an era, it was also worried about the professional quality of information it can continue in the Internet age, and more people in the speculation, the future, “New York Times” charging mode which will be adopted, no matter how to choose The benchmark of the status will affect the entire news industry’s business model.

Sulzberger’s decision is correct, if the change is inevitable, as determined by the initiative early, so wait until the circulation and the deteriorating financial position to have to change, they were found to have caught readers abandoned, team morale and financial ruined the embattled realm of freedom; decisions already made, is also an early announcement, the management and editorial team can exert enough pressure to advance the transformation, often, the editorial team will complete the transformation of so resisted; early announced, but also allows advertisers, content operators, search engines and other industrial partners to eliminate suspicion, thereby enhancing the willingness to cooperate.

It is possible that it is e-reader and Tablet PC market success, so that Sulzberger finally made up my mind; in the desktop era, the media from the paper’s transition to the network, in the eyes of traditional media has been like a scourge, is a violent revolution, all that to be replaced, but the hand-held mobile terminals so that they see a glimmer of hope to achieve smooth transition; Indeed, handset users are more able to accept the small payments to purchase a package of information products, which is from the phone SP, ring tones, iTunes and the AppStore’s success has been accentuates.

With this premise, some basic elements of traditional media, they may migrate to digital platforms on the network: the cyclical packaging issue, annual subscription, a small paid downloads, product placement, media operators are familiar with these concepts, transformation of these elements to retain their willingness to advance, while the corresponding cost structure and profit model is their handy thing, so, Kindle and iPad media sector will naturally be regarded as the great savior.

The current rate of expansion in five years the prevalence rate of hand-held readers, newspapers and magazines should be sufficient to support the paperless transition; the next color, and more lightweight flexible e-paper market, the portability and the obstacles to reading experience further eliminate; if transition has been along this path, the impact of the media will be subjected to far less than previously thought so that terror; problem is that this digital revolution will be limited to the paperless it?

Maybe we can ask, the future of mainstream media, will be the new model? Or simply App of the paperless newspaper or magazines? The key difference is open; here that is open, do not have to be free, without copyright, and can be freely copied, but it should have at least these points: It should be search engine friendly, or information is difficult to be discovered by third parties, organizations, and mining, its contents should be the standard format and semantics, thus the reading should be independent of platforms and terminals, the licensing model should be suitable for a variety of applications, cited in, crop and is the; if can not do it, but that is just old media paperless.

Murdoch seems to want to keep the old model, the movement of Sulzberger remains to be seen, but more importantly, the authors how to think? Some of the articles themselves do not care how many people read and spread much more widely, would have been widely discussed, as well as himself and the reader can be fully interactive, but most of the true value of these; writing income is not high, and the expression of impulses and the need for interactive communication, constitute the majority of the writing of the incentive; once the network that communication and interaction channels to open, then closed up and put writing is difficult to do.

Moreover, it is widely have the opportunity to fully examine and critique, the reader finds that the article itself is the quality of the evidence, only the foolish emperors and like playing all day watching sealing wax; starting from this observation, I think that is a trend of new media , a simple paperless just a transitional form, perhaps a buffer time for media, but the whole business model built on such a basis, is unreliable; But what form will the future of media, now still can not say .

However, some attempts have been cause for concern, an early example is the “aspect Weekly”, it is by a group of journalists in different areas of loose amateur team in the electronic publication issued periodically, but also as a brand team to some of the traditional feed media feed, it may be because it is too loose, positioning is also not clear enough, this was refreshing in the form of later did not continue.

Squirrels will be another case of science, in my opinion, this is the only new media has been successful, it establishes the basis in the blog group, while, from the forum, microblogging, social networks and large-scale blog sites, to books, television and line Forum lecture, covering virtually all forms of communication channels; strict recruitment threshold of clear and comprehensive rules and regulations and has been making it quite cohesive organization, and clear the contents of the location and the quality of the effective control, but also help it to successfully establish a brand; now, it already is beginning to take shape not only the media, has become popular by many media content source, this is a very promising model.

The achievements of the squirrel should advocate for new media, they see hope for the network and it proves that openness does not necessarily mean the loss of quality and brand, and reading the depth of the lower; believe that the future in other areas will also emerge A similar brand feed team, and based on this new media.