Newborn Baby Dumping

How could anyone dump their baby?

I was online looking through some articles the other day and I came across one that completely bothered me and left me disturbed. The story I’m referring to took place in Cambridge, Md. where police said a 44 year old woman went into a portable toilet located in a park, gave birth, then dropped the newborn girl into the toilets waste holding tank. After she finished, she asked a passerby for a cigarette and calmly blurted out that she had just finished giving birth to a baby and dumped her in the toilet. Luckily, the witness called police who rushed to scene. When they arrived they found the baby’s mother, named Vigneri holding the baby who was covered with a blue liquid similar to that found inside the tanks. Vigneri had apparently left the baby in the waste tank for about three minutes before she took her out. Both her and the baby were taken to a nearby hospital. The mother has been charged with first- and second- degree child abuse as well as reckless endangerment. Thank God the little girl was in stable condition.

Another baby girl, this time in New York City was found abandoned inside of a shoebox in a lobby of an apartment building. The shoebox had holes apparently to allow the baby to breath.

Yet still in West Springfield, Mass. another newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a Motel with her umbilical cord still attached. The motel room where the baby girl was found was littered with empty beer cans.

How could this happen?

To say that I was emotionally concerned, appalled and angry about this was an understatement. I quickly glanced over at the picture of my three daughters hanging by my office table and I shook my head. I love my daughters. Could not imagine my life without them. I began to imagine what would compel another human being (I’m being kind) to dump their newborn, defenseless child in a dumpster? To leave her behind to fend for herself? Could it be drugs? Must be. Had to be.

I cannot fathom any normal person in their right mind doing so. Yet the truth is humans, many of us are unpredictable. However these stories stirred up a storm of questions and set off a stream of emotions deep within me. How many women out there spend countless hours crying themselves to sleep each night because they cannot have a child? How many couples spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying desperately to have a child? Where is the sense? Where is the justice? I felt lucky to have my three beautiful healthy daughters. I got up from my desk, and went to their room and gave them each a hug. My oldest asked me “What’s that about daddy?” with a perplexed look on her face. I simply told her that I loved them very much. I went back to my desk, thought some more and tried in vain to understand things as they are. Finally I gave up trying to figure things out. I had no choice but to rescind to the reality that awaits us all. It is a harsh and cruel world we live in.