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Since March 2008, the Projector Market, has stirred up a 1999 yuan on TV Projection Machine wind burst, and the first release of this information is has been the core of Newman digital products company, news has spread, so that projection market immediately, “raged”, many media and industry on Newman 1999 element of the projector a lot of objections raised, and some said that this was a factory of “fry”, and some said that Newman was the first to dare to “eat crabs,” the company, some 1,999 yuan, said Newman projection machine’s launch will be the end of the projector’s profits age … …

To now, Newman TV projector has been listed more than five months, its market sales in the end how what? Really opened up a new era of home video entertainment or as a home projector market, “cannon fodder”? To learn more about Newman TV projector market situation, we interviewed Newman Inc. Region Sales Manager Miss Huang Yunfeng.

1. For TV projectors, many consumers may like me do not have a precise idea, you give us a brief Newman TV projector features and advantages of it?

Huang General: TV projector is a built-in TV reception of video entertainment devices, its main function is to watch TV, games, large, play games and so on, the screen effect LCD TV Similar. Newman TV projector advantage is cost effective, as long as 1,999 yuan will be able to enjoy the 120-inch big screen TV’s powerful effects. Another point, TV projector life breaking through the traditional limits of the projector, to 6,000 hours lamp costs only 200 yuan. The last point is Newman’s brand, consumers can enjoy guaranteed all of the services later.

2. Newman 1999 yuan TV projector has just released the time, attracted many people’s hot, some called Newman the projector is “garbage”, how do you think?

Huang General: This question is best to speak truth, any one of the new product to market will be good some say it was that bad, this is normal. Take the cheapest projector in 1999 dollars for it, its resolution 640 * 480, HD DVD, can be achieved, even if the digital signal to watch TV, the effect is also very good.

3. Just now you mentioned the Newman projector lamp life up to 6000 hours, I ask you to give us details about the technology of this light bulb?

Huang,: Newman Home Projector Regulate the use of advanced smart technology, original L CD Projector light engine, so that customers relax a bit, use the large screen projector, without the need to think hard and calculating. Long lamp life 6000H – 10000H, bulbs each 100 – 200 yuan, less than 3 cents per hour, is the other similar products, 1 / 50.

4. To date, Newman has been listed on the projector TV, 5 months, and now the market has actually happened?

Huang total: from market to now, TV projector Newman has reached a national sales more than 800 per month, but sales still been on the increase, the National Agents Has reached more than 70 television prototype projector market has been basically completed. In addition, advertising of our products have done extensive nationwide coverage, including newspapers, magazines, Internet, television, radio and other media, has done a TV projector marketing and publicity, some well-known IT media initiative to evaluating our products, and give a high evaluation.

5. Newman will then push 720P or 1080P projector? Please talk about Newman projector product and market planning?

Huang General: Yes, it is expected to market in about six months. Because 720p and 1080p needs a good signal source, and this point is the TV signal also failed to meet the short term it will not last. To Houniu Man will introduce a wider range of price points and TV projector series Home Theater System, that time will have some complete home theater solution for consumers to choose, so that more consumers to enjoy the unique charm of a large-screen theater.

Concluded Huang, interviews, news on TV projector and Newman in the home video entertainment market, the company demonstrated the firm belief that impressed. We have reason to believe that, in the near future, TV projector will be the choice for home video entertainment! SABUNG AYAM