News and Entertainment For the Masses – Becoming Today’s Soma

Have you ever study the book ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley?

It utilised to be required reading in high college, but that appears to have changed – it really is almost certainly also intelligent for today’s students to absorb.

In the book, Soma was the drug that everybody took in order to forget their troubles and feel happy. Huxley has been said to have been predicting Prozac and all of the other psychoactive drugs we generally prescribe right now to make every little thing far better.

In reality, although, I feel that Huxley was really predicting the news media of nowadays. Consider about it for a minute.

Every night, millions of Americans tune into the news networks: CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, or what have you. Each single 1 of those networks will play the identical news stories, with each story getting a various slant, and with none actually discussing the truth.

The story will boil down to one particular of 3 items: political ‘right-left’ arguments, a ‘crisis’ or ‘alert’ that needs immediate focus, or a pending issue that demands quick focus – most likely from the government.

Ever notice this phenomenon?

Outside of the extremely local stories and the homogenized ‘feel good’ human interest stories, those three items describe every single news story broadcast. Watch the news, flip some channels, and inform me if I am incorrect.


What they’re performing is entertaining you, not informing you. That’s what news is to them, entertainment and ratings. They only give you half the story, component of the truth, a little bit of the data – just sufficient to make you maintain watching. Then they go to industrial.

Occasionally, it seems as if they are all in league with one another and are working to deceive you. How can this be? Right after all, they are all distinct news organizations, proper? Properly, not truly.


When you boil down the ownership of the key news corporations – the tv, print, and broadcast media – you locate out that there are only a handful of them that personal all of the broadcast and print news in the nation. 4 to be precise.

No wonder they all appear the same. Correct? Now contemplate that these 4 news owners are all obtaining their information from the identical two news feeds or aggregators. These two are also owned by those same 4 corporations.

Now it truly makes sense. No? So what about the missing stories and empty news details?


Effectively, possibly not entirely on objective, but they do it willfully, that is for positive. There may possibly be a reason behind the manipulation, considering that the ownership is so concentrated, but it could also be that they are all just finding out from the same ‘school’ as it were. Maybe this narrow editorship just tends to make all of the news the same on every single channel.

For instance, lately, there was a somewhat regarding outbreak of flu that was going about. It had killed some folks in Mexico, but so far in the U.S. had only impacted about 80 people and all of them had just been a small under the weather – the worst of them had gone to the emergency space and been given more than-the-counter medicine.

Properly, the news produced it sound like there was a large pandemic of a deadly virus spreading all through the nation, originating from Mexico. It was prepared to kill every person. We have been in deadly peril from this evil flu strain invading our nation. 80 people got a little sick. That translated to ‘pandemic.’

The news interviewed scientists, physicians, anybody they could get a hold of with an ounce of credibility. They wanted to know ‘what was becoming accomplished,’ and ‘how we could quit this’ and especially ‘what men and women at property can do.’ It was pathetic.

Pathetic, but enlightening. No wonder a lot more and a lot more people daily abandon the nightly newscasts and go on the web for their news or watch John Stewart. On a critical note, hidden behind Stewart’s humor is the courage to ask crucial concerns that other folks keep away from.

But the truth is no laughing matter.
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