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Obtaining news and that as well accurate and without any nepotism, could be on the threshold of extinction. But Shahram Shahramian, Director and Primary Anchor of TEN Tv have carried out it. He is offering with the truest of news items in the minutest of information. TEN Television News by Shahram Shahramian has grabbed numerous eye balls recently. The news, the views, interviews, comments and the like related items (with news) is slowly but certainly generating its way into the heads and the hearts of the individuals. Men and women are viewing this channel so that the efforts of Shahram Shahramian can be totally realized and praised.

There are numerous talk shows with major personalities that offers vent to their feelings about the existing concerns of the world. Each evening, at 7 pm and 10 pm the news is being telecast at TEN Tv. Telecasting afresh news is not a joke, because there are several in the run that claims and also provides the greatest of news things. The slogan of TEN Tv News is “With no Fear or Favor”. It is extremely critical to disseminate news with out and fear and also without having any favor or nepotism. Shahram Shahramian’s concept is to supply the news without having slight alterations and thus be in a position to cater to the demands of the news listeners.

Shahram Shahramian is the primary anchor of the channel and therefore one can estimate his brilliance and information at the troubles that centers on the planet. The news lover around the globe desires to listen to the truest of news items and events. It is very crucial to cover news without having any slant towards the events. The TEN Television is undertaking a great deal of function in this regard, The Director alone Shahram Shahramian is adequate, nevertheless his teammates are there by his side all the time. The deliverance of news in its truest and unaltered type is what the listeners want.

The Director of TEN Tv, Shahram Shahramian, is functioning really difficult in the matters connected to the deliverance of unaltered and correct news things. The news is that part of our lives without which we might not be capable to kind our ideas about the nation, the present affairs and the like. So, the dissemination of proper news is the cry of the hour. TEN Television is on the verge of becoming a great channel and the viewers need to come up in the front row so that Shahram Shahramian can be supplied with more encouragement, assistance, motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm.

TEN Television is heading towards the achievement of getting known as a news channel without any worry or favor (their slogan only). News is extremely crucial item simply because it proves as an eye to the planet. It is like a window. TEN Television News is not suffering from any sign of nepotism whatsoever.
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