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HC Shoe News Network January 25 2005 to-2006 fiscal year, the global sporting goods giant Nike CEO Mark? Park (MarkParker) announced fiscal year 2011 to eliminate the foundry business over the phenomenon of overtime. But the fact that the phenomenon of Nike foundry work overtime increased rather than decreased more than 2 percent of Nike on behalf of the factory work week more than 60 hours.

According to Nike U.S. time on January 22 release of “fiscal year 2007 to 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report,” fiscal 2007, Nike foundry enterprises in the workweek from 60 to 72 hours in a 110, week working time of 72 hours or more a 27. Under the Nike standard workweek of 60 hours or more to excessive overtime, excessive overtime in fiscal year 2007, Nike OEM OEM companies the total number of enterprises in a ratio of more than 20% to 22% in fiscal 2008, 2009 fiscal year is further increased to 24%.

2009 fiscal year, Nike’s global total of 618 manufacturing enterprises, but as of June 1st, 2009, Nike in China, a total of 136 foundries. Therefore saying that Nike sold worldwide in each of three pairs of shoes made in China have a pair from.

Nike admitted that sometimes their Chinese OEM factories require workers to excessive overtime, in limited circumstances, allow a short working hours, more than 240 hours per month. In recent years, as China continued to raise the minimum wage protection, Nike, the number of manufacturing enterprises in China tended to decrease, the end of 2007 there are 144, at only 136 the year before last June, hiring 26.6089 million employees, of which 70 % of migrant workers.

But more and more companies are becoming Nike’s Southeast Asian foundries, only Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, three countries, the number of enterprises has reached OEM Nike 138, employing 37 million people, more than China. Both China and North Asia, where Indonesia is located in the South Asia Region, or are over the hardest hit overtime. Nike’s latest disclosure of social responsibility report, 2009 fiscal year, 49 factories in North Asia overtime occurred over the phenomenon of South Asia there are 92.

Causes excessive overtime, Nike explained that because “we found that our supply chain, the following problems: law enforcement is inconsistent, there is fault factory management, supply chain, such as poor upper management, which may inadvertently affect plant contract working hours. “

It is noteworthy that the foundry Nike excessive overtime increased from 22% in fiscal 2008 increased 24% in fiscal 2009, the same period the total number of Nike’s contract manufacturing business from 690 down to 618, the number of workers employed in manufacturing enterprises from 83.4761 million in fiscal year 2008 decreased to 82.3026 million in fiscal year 2009, in theory, in general Order And production efficiency unchanged, reducing the number of factories and workers, which means increasing the workload of individual workers through overtime to complete the task as one of the options.

Excessive overtime to solve the problem, Nike made in China will strengthen the continuing relationship between the factory and foundry and capacity building, encourage the OEM orders for sudden changes in business conditions and with certain predictable Nike excessive overtime work together to solve potential problems, by and factories Cooperation Re-arrangement order to allow delay of delivery, or in the event of additional hours of work when the factory management must get prior permission from Nike, that the management plan has been carried out on overtime in order to minimize worker the impact of the factory must be proved with the workers on overtime issues were discussed. SABUNG AYAM