No Police Presence in Urban Neighborhoods Explanation For Higher Crime

We continually hear the grim crime statistics: Higher murder prices, drug trafficking, and prostitution are constants in inner city neighborhoods.

Numerous flee to the suburbs just to get away from the dangers that plague ghettoes all through this nation on a everyday basis. Some blame the lack of jobs and good quality education for the crime prices in inner city neighborhoods, but there is possibly one more purpose for the crime disparities in urban versus suburban neighborhoods the lack of police presence in black and brown neighborhoods.

In Houston, inner city neighborhoods from Acres Properties to Third Ward feature police stations prominently placed in the heart of the neighborhood. With a visible police presence, 1 would think that criminals and prospective criminals would shy away from nefarious activities for worry of effortlessly getting apprehended by the law.

Even so, in neighborhoods like Acres Homes residents usually complain about calls to the neighborhood police station getting ignored, even when responding to the calls could potentially save lives.

1 resident complained of at least one particular person shooting a firearm in a nearby park, calling the authorities numerous instances for help, but no police presence ever appeared on the scene. Another resident named the police to report a neighbor’s property being burglarized but again no officer appeared on the scene in spite of the police station becoming situated in the same subdivision.

Frequently, inner city neighborhoods are stereotyped, and some deservedly so, for becoming hotbeds for criminals, but the lack of police presence offers these criminals free of charge reign to terrorize the neighborhoods simply because they know they will not face any repercussions.

If a criminal knows they can sell drugs, break into houses and they know the police departments will not pursue them, they literally feel that they can get away with murder. Many officers who are placed in these communities do not come from those communities, do not recognize these communities and merely do not care about the people in those communities.

The police stations are almost certainly there due to the fact residents of affluent neighborhoods do not want them in their backyards. Several minorities living in affluent neighborhoods can attest that if a particular person of color literally walks down the street in a predominately White neighborhood they frequently face harassment by police officers. Nevertheless, if a particular person in a poorer section of town is brutally assaulted, a police presence is nonexistent.

I am not naïve enough to believe that other factors like a lack of jobs and subpar education do not contribute to the higher crime rates in many urban neighborhoods, but if there was a greater police presence in these neighborhoods, the crime rates would most likely drastically reduce.

A lot of individuals dream of producing it massive and leaving their inner city past behind. They seek the very same safety and security that people from affluent backgrounds seek when they decide on a neighborhood to live in. However, several will by no means make the kind of cash to acquire a property on the hill or the lake and get pleasure from the serenity that safety supplies.

Nevertheless, these exact same men and women demand and need the very same safety and police presence that their much more affluent counterparts take pleasure in and just due to the fact they are poor or of colour does not imply that they do not deserve the same protection as every person else. And if they ever receive that protection, it could ultimately be “all excellent in the hood.”
Sabung Ayam
Southern California Police Chase (Could 15, 2017)

A man was shot to death by police right after a chase ended in the Paramount location Monday afternoon.

Authorities stated the chase began in South Gate on Atlantic Boulevard at about 12:45 p.m. Two suspects, a man and a woman, were in a white van with red rims driving erratically.

The suspects pulled behind a target retailer, jumped a fence and attempted to flee on foot even though carrying bags. The man was spotted operating down railroad tracks close to the 2300 block of E. Artesia Boulevard.

The man appeared to place a black glove on a single hand, then pull anything out of a bag. That is when police shot and killed him.

A woman was noticed becoming taken into custody in the region, but authorities have not confirmed if she was the second suspect.

No officers have been injured in the course of the incident.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is assisting the South Gate Police Department in its officer-involved shooting investigation.

Sabung Ayam