Nokia E7 Offering Great Specifications And New Features

The business phone segment is booming every day and there have been at least 10 different models from various companies every month that are being launched in this segment. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that Nokia is also launching their new phone and unsurprisingly, it will be in the E series, which already has a number of business phones, but this new Nokia E7 will not only be the flagship of the E series, but also for the entire company as it will be replacing the Nokia N8 at the top of the tree.

When the Nokia N8 was launched, everybody thought that it was the ultimate smart phone that could double up as a compact digital camera. However, with the launch of the new Nokia E7, Nokia has pushed the goalposts even further and it has now attained the status that it once enjoyed. While the Nokia N8 had only a 3.5 inch display, which was considered to be slightly smaller than rivals like the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung Galaxy S, which boasted of displays that measured more than 4 inches in size. Hence, Nokia too is joining the party with a 4 inch display that uses the same AMOLED display technology that was seen in the Nokia N8, but in addition to that it also uses the ClearBlack display technology that was recently developed to counteract the issues that were faced by touchscreen phones when exposed to direct sunlight.

It has to be said that the ClearBlack display technology does its job more than perfectly and a touch screen has never been clearer in sunlight than now. The connectivity features are almost the similar to the ones found in the Nokia N8 and this means that you can enjoy both Bluetooth version 3.0 and micro-USB support for connecting this phone to other devices. You can also rely on the 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity features for connecting to the Internet whenever and wherever you need it. The Nokia N8 ran on the Symbian 3 operating system and unsurprisingly, the Nokia E7 also runs on it. Even though Symbian 3 has been developed in all areas, one area where it still is lacking behind its rivals is in the web browser and there has been a promised change in February, after which you can enjoy a new browser in your phone.

The phone also has the HDMI output port and you can enjoy Dolby Digital Plus surround sound via the HDMI port by connecting it with the HDMI cable. In the sales package, Nokia has provided this phone with a mini HDMI converter that can be used to connect a normal HDMI cable to this phone. This is because the HDMI port in the Nokia E7 is not the normal HDMI port, but it is the mini HDMI port. The phone has just been announced in the United Kingdom and it will be available for around 520 from January. SABUNG AYAM