Non-Immigrant Visa and Work Permit Processing

There are different types of Thai Visa. A tourist visa is a 60-day visa that will allow multiple of single entry and can be extended for another 30 days. A non-immigrant visa is a single entry visa which is valid for 90 days. A one year non-immigrant visa is a a number of entry visa to Thailand which can be used for a period of one particular year.

Visa Application

Foreigners who are applying for a job in Thailand or are setting up a organization in Thailand will need a non-immigrant B Visa. This visa can be extended to a long term visa and this can be completed either in Thailand or outside. The applicant will have to submit the completed visa application kind along with individual documents like passport and photographs. An invitation letter from the firm in Thailand in which the applicant will be working must also be enclosed. The letter should be typed on the company’s letter head and need to be signed by the authorized person. Other firm associated documents like organization registration documents, list of shareholders, firm profile, balance sheet, VAT registration, and so on. must also be enclosed. The copies of the organization related documents need to be signed by the authorized signatory and the business seal must be affixed.

Acquiring a Perform Permit

A foreigner need to apply for a Thailand function permit, to be legally functioning in Thailand. The function permit is a legal document that has information of the foreigner’s occupation, the Thai firm in which he/she is working and a detailed job description. This also acts as a license to execute a job which is permitted for foreigners in Thailand. Foreigners in Thailand are not permitted to work unless they possess a operate permit. This is regardless of the variety of visa they possess. But those who want to work in Thailand must possess the right kind of visa to be capable to apply for a function permit.

The correct sort of visa which will help in applying for a perform permit is the non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa need to be obtained just before the applicant enters Thailand. Once the applicant has a non-immigrant visa, he/ she will be in a position to apply for the operate permit. The method of issuing a function permit might take 7 functioning days. The office of the Ministry of Labor will process the work permit application. The applicant will be able to apply for the function permit only if he/she has an occupation which is not prohibited for foreigners and the employer will offer the essential documents for the perform permit. When the operate permit is granted, the foreigner will have to carry the perform permit all the time at the function location. The foreigner can carry out jobs that are pointed out in the function permit and with the certain employer.

Receiving a perform permit also depends on the business for which the foreigner is functioning. The organization which is recommending the situation of perform permit for a foreign employee must have at least two million baht completely paid registered capitalization. If the foreign employee has a Thai spouse, then the registered capitalization will be one million baht. The firm will be granted a maximum of ten perform permits.