Nose Surgery – Bring Balance Back To Your Face

It can be difficult to get past the nose on your face when it is what is causing all the problems. Having nose surgery can give you self-esteem and confidence that you never realized you could have.

We have all known the person that has the distinguished profile. No one likes to think of it that way but calling them bozo the clown would just be insensitive. So what do you do when your face is unbalanced because of what lies in the middle of your face? Well you could learn to live with it like many people do. Or you could have nose surgery and have it reconstructed to something that will help balance out the rest of your face.

Nose surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. This is probably one of the top three types of plastic surgery performed in the U.S. What your doctor will do is work with you to remodel the bone structure and cartilage to something that will be more symmetrical with your face. No matter how good things look if you have something that is overwhelming the rest of your features it should be scaled back if you are looking for perfect symmetry.

When you visit your plastic surgeon prior to having the operation he will go over with you what you want to accomplish. The main goal for most nose surgery candidates is to straighten or shorten it so that it doesn’t overwhelm the face. This protuberance can make you the punch line of some mean and hateful jokes and you could be getting very tired of hearing them.

You might find that you feel unattractive, whether it’s true or not, by having a large schnozzle. No matter what your reasons for wanting the surgery you need to be open and honest with your physician when he asks. He might be disinclined to do the surgery if he feels you are not one hundred percent certain that this is the step you’d like to take.

While your biggest reason for nose surgery might be your looks you might be surprised to find out that there is a medical condition called a deviated septum that can be repaired at the same time. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea this could be the cause. While you are having rhinoplasty your doctor can also fix this problem allowing you to sleep more peacefully at night.

Having nose surgery is a big decision and you should think carefully about any surgery that will change how you look. That being said this type of surgery can get you something you didn’t realize you needed self-esteem that was taken away by the misbalance of your facial features.

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